slide.show.sunday. take 41.

Sweating. Sewing. Wedding. Glowing.
Here's what this weekend looked like:
 These hot. sticky days often send us to the 'cool' bookstore... where this mama got a new book (with patterns) to sew projects for the kidlets.. such sweet stuff in it!

 Next creative project: whip up a hair piece for the 'peacock inspired' wedding we were attending on Saturday!
Some feathers, turquoise embroidery thread, an old earring, mini doilies... and Azi's hair clip later - voila!

 Favourite outfit/colour combination:
coral. lace. army green ruffle skirt. turquoise bracelet.

 A sneak peek of the Bride waiting to enter the cathedral... Catholics sure know how to decorate a space.
I was delighted to see my friend Stephanie and her fella tie the knot, congrats guys!!

 Me and my handsome date at the reception.. yes, his tie matches his mama! ;o)

 Home for a campfire with the house in-laws... there's my two favourite chins guys right there.
Oh, and that's me pretending to harpoon my bro-in-law with the marshmallow stick.

Hudson wanted in on the fun too, but decided to fall asleep in my arms snuggled up by the crackling fire... my favourite moment.

Hope your weekend was full of beauty-full moments too!

All aglow,
Mel ;o)

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