(Reader's Choice) music loves / vlog day

Hey guys, hey.

This has been a fun week of catering the posts to your requests - thanks for playing/reading alongToday's topic - 'music I love' was requested by my Aussie e-pal Gayna, and I also attempted to placate Nicole's request for another vlog....

...but then this happened:

Soooo, anyways.
Basically, I love me some good mellow (indie) folk music most days.
I'm pretty much dedicated to IRON & WINE as my adult form of lullaby music.
*SWELL SEASON (you gotta watch the movie: ONCE).
*MUMFORD & SONS (I know, like every other person in the world now...)
*SIGUR ROS (love painting to this band).
Ummmm.. ok, I'll stop there, you get the idea.
I'm not a huge music connoisseur to say the least, but I know what I like when I hear it.. and then I just hit 'replay' again and again.

Speaking of hitting play ~ I made you a 'mel's mellow mix' to listen to today!
So now you can hear what I love... [here]. 
You're welcome.

Now that you know my music style.. what's yours?  Any new bands you want to throw my way?

Happy weekend friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. Willow Coleman8 March 2013 at 08:07

    Have you ever heard of the Indie band Grouplove? I think you would like them.

  2. ALEXI MURDOCH, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DESPERATE to learn all of my days and orange sky but gibb insists they are too hard! i need to get on him about learning them again.... oh it's been so long since i have listened to him! away we go is one of my most favorite movies (if gibbson had been a girl his name was going to be Verona) *swooooooons* some of these i have not heard and must! officially on the agenda! have a wonderful day lovely mama!!

  3. Gypsy in Jasper8 March 2013 at 10:37

    Thanks for "placating" me. ;)

    I love Sigar Ros! It's my winter morning music. I love walking to work in the crisp air, with blue skies and everything sparkling in the sunlight while listening to them. It's so peaceful.

  4. Love this!! I knew you would introduce me to some tunes I've not heard before! I have an unexpected day off today and an awesome play list to go with it! Could my day get any better? And it's only 730 in the morning!! Thanks! Hope your cold gets better sweets!

  5. Wooot, glad to oblige! Thanks for the post prompt ;o) Tell me you've seen the movie "Once".. because... you must. So laid back and lovely.... may your weekend be the same! xx

  6. No prob.. well, other than the problem of only having one tiny camera card that still works here right now! lol... I do love the ethereal nature of Sigur Ros... great for hiking to too! xx

  7. Twinsies!! I was totally going to say I would watch Away We Go on repeat.. yesterday to your question about watching movies..... LOVE it. LOve the soundtrack of course!! xx

  8. No I haven't.. but will check them out, thanks for the suggestion Willow! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog... great to meet you! I'm following you on Facebook now... so far I love your blog!

    Music..... these days I'm listening to Andria Simone, Tia Brazda, Maureen Washington (you can find them all at www.music.cbc.ca) and Adele. Always Adele :)

  10. This is gonna fuel my morning worky-works today!

  11. aww, yeah! Nothing like some mellow mix for that kind of workplace eh Mattio? ;o)

  12. CBC rocks my socks... love their mixes! Thanks again for hosting Elly's lovely giveaway, nice to meet another Canadian blogger promoting creativity! Welcome by the nest here too ! ;o)


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