intimate strangers...

 ...sure, the title is an oxymoron, but it does capture the essence of blogging doesn't it?
Here I am, posting snapshots of my world... to the world... for all eyes to see.

Am I that vain. or. reckless. or. apathetic about who looks in this nest?
No.  I share what beauty inspires my world, in hopes it may inspire yours too.
I love my family.
I love creating.
I love pondering.
I love documenting it all in photos.

I share those things freely, whether or not anyone cares to read it (but I'm delighted that you do!).  
If I post something here, it's because I'm willing/wanting to share it.. so the notion of 'watermarking' my pictures in the past never really stuck with me.  I figured if someone wants to steal my photos/d.i.y's... no big deal.  This post I read today got me thinking about it again though.  Maybe I need to be less naive, maybe I should put in place a simple guard like these water-marks on my photos:

 I've never liked watermarks... I found they distracted from the picture.  But, I also want to be more proactive about my online presence.
So which font do you prefer to see from now on here?
You're the reader, you can choose: top = stitched font
or lower = stylised font.  Most votes wins.

Where do you draw the lines of over-exposure, paranoia in an online world?
I never want to post pictures of my kids all nay*ked on here because that's crossing the line in my books.  (Yes, I'm even spelling the word wrong because Google will send predators here with just that word search - be aware parents).

Now, in light of such censorship for the sake of caution... there's just one more thing:

....this photo cracks me up!!
I kept wanting to share it for months... but well, you see the dilemma.
She was convinced she could fly if she flapped those feathers hard enough..
...I think she just might have.

Lastly, for those of you who are here because you do care about our family,
enjoy the pictures, or get inspired to create... thank you for being here!
(Any and all other scum.screwballs.stinkers can vacate immediately).

Thank you. That is all.

Mel ;o)


  1. I like the first one. the stitched one better.-RV

  2. Love the stitched one. <3

  3. Like everyone else, I like the first one.

    Also, I think when it comes to kids, it's a good idea to use a watermark. The internet can be a scary place sometimes. With all the good comes an equal amount of bad. I hate to think that way, but that line of thinking has proven true for me time and time again.

    And on a totally unrelated note, you should take a peek at my blog today. I think it might just make you smile. (This isn't a plug... you'll see what I mean when you get there!!)

  4. Awwwww.... you are so fun-tastic! What a great surprise to check out! Thanks for the vote here too, and good input - I may just watermark the kids... or any other 'personal' photos.

  5. thanks to YOU! ;o)

  6. noted, thanks Rach!

  7. I need to go back and read that post because, other than my business photos, I never watermark anything. Many years ago I posted a picture of Judah, when he was potty training, in his undies. It got more views on flickr in the first few hours it was posted than any of my others that had been up for months or even years. That shocked and scared me. Maybe I should started adding watermarks, too....

  8. I vote for stitches mama!

  9. I like the second one!!!

  10. Stitched design gets my vote!

  11. I like the second "stylized" one better... of course nobody else is voting for it!

  12. Stitched.

    Also, great photos. I wish there wasn't any reason to worry about such things, but you're wise in addressing the issues before they ever crop up. I haven't shared many photos at all, to some extent for the same reason: how do I control them once they are online? The short answer: I can't. But we can darn well do what we can to prevent their abuse.

  13. Lovely photos and it is a shame that the baddies ruin everything all the time.

  14. thanks Dan - the inter.webs can get mighty tangled sometimes it seems.

  15. seeee.... this is why I love you, you don't mind standing out amongst the crowd! lol xo

  16. ugh, that would be alarming for sure.... yeah, think I may just use them with the kiddo pictures here... we'll see how it all goes.

  17. My vote is for the stitched watermark. :)

  18. I like the stitched one as well. I don't have a blog so I haven't ever watermarked anything but I've always wondered why people do on twitter and such. This explains so much.
    Also, that picture is cute!

  19. thanks Natasha, yeah, the watermarks always 'distract' me.... but I'm still willing to use them at least with pics of the kiddos!


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