resources to warm the heart's flame:

This is a follow up post to the one I wrote a while ago about getting *real* into God's Word. ("whispers amidst wailings" - post)
I had mentioned how I like to keep lots of 'kindling' of resources in my day to help my heart light up for the joy of discovering Christ is all the minutiae of our days.  Some of you asked if I could share those resources here... so, yes!

A couple disclaimers/clarifications to start: 
1. This isn't a list of simple, fun family reads... it's focused on resources that exalt and direct the heart to the Bible, to knowing Christ, to living fully in His truth and love.  So I trust you won't jump on me if I didn't mention you're favourite Dr.Seuss book.

2. Don't let a long list of 'options' overwhelm you.  I know a lot of us mamas/papas feel busy enough in the day to barely put five minutes to a page!  I want these to serve their purpose of directing your heart to God and His Word... not distracting you from that.
Sometimes I like to 'prime the pump' of my heart by reading resources like these:

*Free Grace Broadcaster is an online resource filled with writings by many of the puritans and other heavyweight theologians.  You can order FREE publications/tracts as seen above too!

* Jesus Storybook Bible/Songs to Make Your Heart Sing - if you don't own these.... well, they're a must have for your family in my opinion!  Such simple and profound truths for your child's heart and yours to see Jesus in every page of the Bible.

*The Valley Of Vision - another must have compilation of one page 'prayers' that make you feel like you've never prayed before.  Deep, rich, robust theology and doxology in these pages.

* In Christ Alone. (Sinclair Ferguson).  Powerful daily readings/meditations on keeping your heart Christ-centred.

Throughout the day I'll often be found listening to these options:

 * Songs for Saplings is a wonderful resource of music for your family.  Simple songs that put verses into song for young and old hearts to sing all day.

* SermonAudio has an exhaustive list of preachers and sermons to access.  Even the 'oldies' are on there - Spurgeon and the like.  For more Reformed Theology... there's also RefNet radio.


Some other highly recommended books I've been reading lately (and re-reading again!).

*Treasuring Christ (when your hand are full) by Gloria Furman
*The Disciplines of Grace by Jerry Bridges
*Stepping Heavenward by E.Prentiss

You can also check back on that year old post of helpful books I listed then too!


I hope this helps give you some fresh resources to focus your heart on Christ, and living by His grace and for His glory.  I have found myself buoyed up with greater joy and deeper peace in these past months as I grow this direction.

Our nest is busy with three kids, sure.  But we make time for what we desire don't we?
It's also sets a great example to our children, for why would they believe us when we say we 'love Jesus' if they don't see us delight to spend time reading/learning/praising Him throughout the day?
Hudson wants to copy mama while she prays across the table from where he plays.
 Now, off to do some more reading! ;o)


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