The wonder years...

Yeah, they're cool like that.

I'm not sure how much credit we can take for these two characters... a four year old and two year old who are packed full of zaniness and zip!

Parenting seems packed with those 'surreal' moments when you look at your offspring and go:
"woah... we made those little humans!".
I wonder when the reality of all .. this... truly sinks in.
Is it when they have their first day of school?
Or, when they give their first speech or science project?
When they graduate?
Maybe when they ask for the keys to the car?
Or, when they tell you they want to marry that special soul?
When they announce you'll be a grandparent?
I don't know, maybe this surreal wonder is part of the parenting journey through each step.
But I'm sure blessed to be a part of it.

Mel ;o)

*P.S... annnnnd, yes we are still waiting for this new bundle that's still happy to keep brewing in my belly - overdue as usual!


D.I.Y: ombre painted dresser.

 Hello lovelies,

I know you've already seen our kid's room in past posts... but here's the latest addition to the room (no, we're still waiting for the baby to arrive!).  That dresser on the left I painted up this weekend.... you know, just nesting like mad around here.

We thrifted it recently to jam full of our son's clothing (and take the pressure off the closet that was bulging with baby clothes in diaper boxes).  It was a glossy oil cream colour with lots of chipped areas down to the dark wood.

Step 1: Super-adherent primer.
Light sanding, wipe down.

Step 2: I painted the sides/top in a glossy "Cloud White".

Step 3: Take three progressively darker tones of a colour - in this case - green.
Top drawer is the lightest tone.
Second drawer is a mix of the middle tone with the lightest.
Third drawer is the middle tone.
Four is a mix of middle tone with the darkest shade.
Last/bottom drawer is the darkest green.

(Step 4: I added a quick nature element of white stripes as 'birch trees' using the hard handle tip of the brush to then scratch out some textural details in to  the trees).

This house is officially ready and waiting for our next new addition!

Nesting mama,
Mel ;o)  


Confessions (of a mama) part.17.

Ok, last post about being pregnant.... like, ever.  I think.
Because I'm hitting the 39 weeks mark, which means I'm almost at 10 months pregnant (yeah, who says 9 months.. because, really?!... no.).

And, I'm ready.

Which seems like a loaded statement.
But for once, I'm feeling totally psyched for this whole labour and deliver out your prize experience.

(Last night I thought I was even maybe starting in to things with some fun cramping.. and got so full of adrenaline about the thought of it being 'go time' that I was shaking.
Of course, nothing in the end).
But I'm really eager and excited and delighted about the thought of holding this little girl soooon!  The fears I had before about 'not knowing how we can handle another' or 'how do I even do this baby thing again' have been replaced with a peace and joy about embracing all that craziness again.  We'll call that a spiritual makeover since I couldn't muster that up myself.
Sure, I still feel like I don't know how to handle our *epic* emotional erupting 4 year old most days... and our sweet 2 year old is discovering how to throw it down in his own way now... but I'm ready for a baby!

Maybe the toddler stage is what's getting me all the more eager for a wee lil' darling...

Because some days parenting tends to feel like you're running up a downward escalator, or playing an endless game of whack-a-mole at the carnival.  The messes, the tantrums, the downright crazy chaos of the moments.
But when the day is done, and those little ones snuggle in and want one last hug and kiss... and think: I don't want to miss this...  because I will. miss. this. when they are grown and gone.

And it's then that the toddler stage is what's getting me all the more eager for a wee lil' darling... because I now see how quickly they grow, and I want one more chance to savour that tiny bundle of crazy//love.

mama Mel ;o)



Our little big man:

Big sister took his picture here... swoooon.
And just like that the baby boy we snuggle and cuddle is turning 2 today!
I love this guy.

Lately he's traded in his white-knuckle grip on toy cars.. for books.  All day he's carrying little books around and flipping through their pages quietly.
We went and thrifted some more stories for him today.

It will be a birthday weekend of reading books, eating cupcakes, crunching in the snow and visiting with family!

*(Or, if we're really wild... having a 'twin' sister that's two years younger than him.. ha!)*

Happy Birthday to our handsome Hudson.
We love you lil' blondie.

Mel ;o)


A.musing.mama! 2.7

Guaranteed, with any 'public display of affection' between the Mama and the Daddy here... there's instantly an attack of little cling-on's vying for more snuggles.
I can remember our Golden Retriever dog doing the same thing when we were kids... always wedging her nose between any one who was hugging.
Meanwhile, if we kids saw our folks sharing a moment.. we'd stick out our tongues, fake gagging and holler "Ewwwwwww... gross!"

So, it's ValentinesWhoopity-dee... I wasn't expecting much to happen around here since we had a nice lunch date earlier this week.  But that kind man brought me home flowers (Lillies... since "you hate roses" he said).  I made up some heart-shaped pancakes with whip cream and strawberries... so yeah, we still got it I guess.  ;o)

If you have a partner in your nest, I hope it doesn't take one day of the year to remember why you first fell for them.  I hope you still find time to savour those moments together that bind your heart and souls as one.

As a home gets fuller it can seem harder to find real time together.
It can be tough to not see your man as one more person 'needing' you and your affections.
It can be tempting to throw the kids at him when he returns home... instead of yourself.

Here's hoping you still find yourself 'love attacking' your special someone today!

Mel ;o)

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If these walls were words:

Here's a little spotlight on one more creative element in our nest.

A post showing something I've actually made/stitched/painted... (for those who may fear this blog has lost all creative inspiration and plunged deep into pregnancy/motherhood posts)!

See, up there... that simple tapestry above the door in our entryway.
A quick project I did in the past - a theme, a prayer, for our home.

 An excerpt from a beautiful book of prayers called The Valley of Vision:

"Fill the garden of my soul with the wind of love, that the aroma of the Christian life may be wafted to others; then come and gather fruits to thy glory.
So shall I fulfil the great end of my being - to glorify Thee and be a blessing to man." 

This prayer sums up the desire of our hearts.
It also makes a great theme for our home... we want to use our home, our hearts, and our hands to glorify God and to bless others.

Just a few scraps of stitched fabric.
An assortment of buttons and strokes of paint.
A tattered canvas.

But if these walls were words, I hope they would sing a sweet and simple song of love to all who enter.

Do you like posting themes/verses/inspirations?
For readers who have been around here a long time.. you may recall the other tapestry I made for the three goals/rhythms of our nest.

I enjoy simple, creative ways to reflect our heart in our home.
I'd love to hear what you hang your heart on too...

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


A.musing.mama! 2.6

I'm pretty sure that playing hide + seek while 9 months pregnant is considered an extreme sport.
At least I feel like an Olympian while trying to contort myself - and this growing gut - behind various objects in our home!

Also, do you find that your kids hide in the exact.same.spots every single time you play this game?  My ability to show mock surprise and confusion at their hiding places is wearing thin...

Anywho, happy weekend'ing friends!

Mel ;o)
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P.S.  For those interested, yes.. I do still do these comics right from pen/crayon sketches... no 'wasting time' with pencil and practise drawings for this mama. hehe.


a thank.FULL. list.

 Hello friends, we are still here!
This long winter is in full force again today: a white out of sideways drifting fat flakes across the windows.  While last night our home was hit with a black out... which made for a quiet evening of candle light and early bedtimes (granted, not much sleep was being had - our lil' guy was croupy).

All that to say - it's these times that are a good reminder to be thank.FULL.
Especially when the power goes out, and you start to see afresh how most of our existence hangs by a delicate thread called 'electricity'.

You start to remind yourself of what really matters.
(Then Facebook goes and makes a 10 year celebration video of your life.. and you're reminded of every thing that is most dear).

+ I'm so thank FULL for a God Who loves and pursues me with His grace even on my worst days.

+ I'm delighted to house this 'almost ready' daughter in my womb.

+ Blessed to be called 'mama', wife, friend, daughter, sister, niece.

+ I'm thank FULL for this daughter who is packed with four years of spunk.

+ Touched by her sweetness to draw/write love notes to all her family with big letters spelling "VELO" (that's love).

+ In wonder (and shock) of her endless energy and talkative spirit.

+ I'm thank FULL for this son who is almost two years of curiosity.
+ Despite sporting a new goose egg every.day. he dives in to his play with total abandon.

+ I delight in the way he rushes over for a quick hug or kiss to 'recharge' throughout the day.

+ I'm thank FULL for a husband that just keeps getting better every year (and I thought I scored a good deal to begin with!).

+ I'm honoured to journey with him and see God refining and reviving his heart each day.

+ Blessed by his care for our family... and the way he works all day (when it's available) and still finds the energy to make the kids run squealing with laughter and tickles in the evening.


Gratitude has a way of snowballing in to more thankfulness.
There's just.so.much in any given day to hold with wonder if we have the eyes to see it.

That friend you can call any time because they 'get' you.
The note in the mail from someone who wants to bless you.
The sweetness of a shared cup of coffee with your man... or a 'pretend tea party' with kids.
 The warmth of a home in the blizzard of today.

SO much.

I'm not going to lie though, often it's easier to see the cup half empty.
To begrudge the things that are seemingly 'missing' or going wrong in one's day.
Life has the bitter and the sweet, almost every moment, really.

But choosing to focus on the daily blessings has a powerful way of sweetening even the bitter moments... and that's a heart muscle I want to get better at flexing.

Mel ;o)