SHOP update: (doily necklace) + GIVEAWAY winner!

Hello lovelies.
I had been dreaming up this idea for a necklace pendant a few months ago... (using the same doilies from my earring collection).
So, when I saw this dream-catcher it further inspired me to stitch-on already and create this delicate beauty.
(Yes, on the eve of a craft show I get really side-tracked with other projects! hehe).
This sweet doily (antique bone colour) is stitched to a turquoise metal hoop.
The turquoise/jade toned piece dangles below a collection of amber beads.
A long suede strap (mahogany colour) suspends it gently.
This necklace is one-of-a-kind.
Furthering my dream of delighting every dame with doilies!
If this is your dream statement piece for the holiday season... please be the first to contact me:


$25. SOLD!
(FREE shipping worldwide). 

Annnnnd now, on with more festive goodness!
Thanks to all who shared such fascinating and wonderful Christmas memories for the GIVEAWAY, I loved reading them all!

The lucky lovely winner is:

Congrats to you... I know these handmade items will be happy in your crafty home!
(Please e-mail me which feather ornament you would like... with the colour option).

Thanks everyone for being such a warm spot in this nest!

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


hand.making the holidays...

 Sooooo, picture a Christmas elf with hoarding issues.
Got it?
Well, that's our living room: a one-stop, craft-shop, clutter-centre of our nest currently.

What with all the goodies I'm finishing for the upcoming Craft show, and the festive decor we're getting ready for our own home, it's getting pretty wild in here.

Daughter Azriel is a delighted blur of craftiness herself... wanting to make 'snowflakes' sopping in glue.
Baking sugar cookies with Grandma.

 Dipping pine cones in cheery cherry paint (which mama will eventually attach ribbon bows to and hang in the window).

 I try to not hyperventilate as she slaps the paintbrush around declaring in her most authoritative 3 year old voice: "I can do it MYSELF!"....
(I was almost tempted to introduce sparkles to this project... but then I remembered this crass - but true - reality.)

 I love that our house is filling with festive hand.made decor... (although our Ben says we can't officially decorate until Dec.1st... Scroogey-Mc.Scrooge pants).
I still managed to get the advent bunting up in the window today - which reminded me that bunting makes any/every room 100% happier.
Speaking of happy.. there's our chunk of sunshine - Hudson!
He's such a dose of cutie-sweet-glow in our nest... I'm a total sucker for him.
Especially with his recent delight in playing peek-a-boo and laughing hysterically at himself!
(Note: any well meaning folk who see this toy and declare that 'walkers' are banned... please be aware there are NO stairs around here to tumble down!  We just want him to fall for the illusion of walking since he's too fat to even crawl yet... hehe.).

So needless to say,
our nest is all aglow with festive handmade goodness lately.
I'm kind of loving it.
Kind of a lot.

When do you start decorating?

Mel ;o) 

P.S... thursday is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY and win some festive decor for your nest!


sneak peeks (winter wear):

 Hey there friends, I've got more recent projects to show & tell here!
I'm still crafting like a Christmas elf on crack... and I'm real happy with the progress being made for the upcoming Focus Fair Indie Craft Show.

Today's 'sneak peeks' are of the winter wear I'll be selling there.
These are my new (limited) collection of cosy neck cuff cowls.

Featuring: Chocolate brown 'aztec' patterned cotton (lined with winter-sky grey fleece, or a pumpkin spice fleece).  Homemade branch buttons.  Leather strapping.  Faux fur trim.

 My Ben said it looks like something out of the 'Final Fantasy' game... I'm ok with that.
It's super ridiculously cosy, and it would fit snugly inside ones winter coat collar.

 This snowflake patterned fleece cuff also features the branch buttons and leather strapping.

 These cowls are extra high to burrow your face down into.

 As mentioned a while ago, I've made more of the popular wrist warmers too.
These three designs each come with branch button 'cuff-links' attached.
(I love wearing my leopard prints ones... super cosy!)

I even made a few 'wee' ones too, pretty popular with this gal who still wants her fingers free to grab things.. and her thumb to suck!

So there's another view of what will be stocking up my craft table.
I've only got a couple projects left here to finish and I'm good to go!
<insert happy dance>

Eager to see you lovely locals there

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

P.S - only a couple days left to enter that GIVEAWAY friends! ;o)



Am I the only mama who thinks the pressure of childbirth blew out a few brain cells?
Yes, labour.
I've never pushed so hard in my life as I did with these two kids in our nest.
I remember the midwife holding up a mirror (as a visual for 'pushing blind' through a required epidural) and all I could see was my beet red face about to pop off and fly around the room like a balloon.

Yes, I think I've lost more brain cells since having kids.
I feel like I've forgotten so much:

* how light they felt as newborns.

* what a good night's sleep looks like.

* where my wedding band disappeared to.

* what my husband already repeated to me five times.
* what the kids looked like before this moment.

(I look back at old pictures... like this one of Azriel and I, two years ago, and I don't recognise that sweet funny face of hers)!

*I forget the funny things she says... so I write them here (or Facebook!).

* how I used to dress before 'fashion for latch'n'.

* what Ben and I ever did together before kids.

I also forget how tiny my heart felt before this moment.
It's been stretching and straining to new depths each day of their little lives here.

I never want to forget that.
How much this love erases all the craziness and just sees their beauty.

brain.less, heart.full
Mel ;o)

P.S: Note to self ~ that first 'cuddle' shot represents Azriel's most recent obsession of having her Daddy "make her smaller" by squishing her down... so she can run over and snuggle with me like a little baby.  Afterward, she runs back to Ben to stretch her "big again".
I die from the cuteness!


D.I.Y roundup! (Children's projects):

Hey there y'all!
As mentioned in the last d.i.y winter edition, I put together a whole collection of simple and thrifty projects you could make for your kids (or friend's kids).

Let's teach the next generation that fun toys don't need a big price tag.
Because, as seen above, sticking your head in a plastic house (upcycled cat litter container) can be purrrfectly hilarious!

Happy crafting:
  1. Puzzle Magnets             2. Simple Super-Hero Cape         3. Wild Animal Sweater

  4. Baby Necktie Shirt              5. Tank top into tote bag           6. Toddler Sewing Cards 

Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming toy-project for our daughter, too.
A sliced 2"x2" (?) chunk of wood... sanded... with magnets glued to the middles.
I'll likely paint 4 woodland characters on each side... but for more inspiration, Mer Mag has some adorable designs! 

Can you believe Christmas is a month away?!
I need some of those elvish minions to come craft with me.

P.S... I've loved hearing about your favourite Christmas memories on my GIVEAWAY post ~ thanks for sharing them... and there's still time to enter this week for those who haven't yet!
merry making mama,
Mel ;o)


handmade holidays: GIVEAWAY! [Closed].

 Well friends, it's that time again.
I'm feeling crafty... feeling cheerful... feeling festive.
Annnnnnnd I want to share it with you!

You dear readers are a sweet spot in our nest.
I'm blessed to have you perch here as often as you do.
Whether you're a devoted 'follower' who patiently endures my daily postings,
or an occasional 'check-in' and catch up type of reader... I'm honoured to have you stop by.
So here's a wee thank you:

 This hand pottered ornament features a gorgeous indigo crackled glaze on one side, and a sketched oak leaf imprint on the other.
(If you chose to turn it in to a necklace pendant I would cheer you on!).

The winner also gets to choose ONE painted feather ornament in the colour of their fancy (ivory or brown feather with accent colour option).
Those delicate large doily earrings will be included in the prize too (like snowflakes for your neckline).

This is just a small token of my big appreciation for your presence here.
Whether you're a new reader - or an old one.
Whether you comment often - or never make a peep.
I'd love to send you this Christmas warming gift!

How to enter the GIVEAWAY:

1. Simply leave a comment and SHARE a favourite Christmas memory.

2. While I don't like 'bribing' people to be forced followers of my blog ..IF you are a follower, please mention which forum you use (google reader/bloglovin'/facebook)... you may just win some extra goodies in your care package! ;o)
Giveaway ends next Friday, November 30th, when the WINNER will be announced! 

Thanks for being here friends,
Mel ;o) 


Colour me: in holiday cheer.

Kaleidoscope paint shirt.
Liquid mistletoe.
Golden fingers.
Dancing feet.

We love painting our hearts out,

mel :o)


chasing sunbeams...

 ...or otherwise know as 'trying to outrun the shadows'.

To 'fess up: that's how I've been feeling lately.
Call it the shift in season,
or two weeks of sickness in this nest,
mixed with lots of sleepless-fitful nights...
...but I've been fighting the gloomies.

Just plain ol' tired.
 (Not that this is unique or rare for any parent).
 I know better than to complain about these wee souls.
(I'll save that for all my facebook status updates... ha!).

I know many, many friends who would gladly trade all their sleep for a chance to have a family... 
While I moan on about the endless nights of crying from the crib,
they suffer the heartbreak of silence from the womb.

I get that.
At least.. I want to be empathetic to that.. deeply.

So, I can't... I won't come on here and complain about these precious hearts.
This season too, shall pass.
Sleep will come (and I'll long for when they were just babies again, I'm sure!).

I always struggle with sharing my heart on these issues.
I never want to be seen as complaining about - or begrudging - these children that God blessed us with.
I'm just trying to keep it real here.

And, since my brain has felt like the equivalent of stale porridge for the past week,
this is about all that's on my mind to post. 

We all have our battles.
Our trials and tears.

I hope the shadows find us chasing the Son.

"..cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you".
1 Peter 5:7

Be well friends,
Mel ;o)


D.I.Y Roundup! (Winter Edition)

Hey there artsy - and fartsy - friends.

Now that winter/Christmas is just around the corner (for our end of the globe).. I thought I would give you a 'winter roundup' edition of a handfull of do.it.yourself projects from last season here.
Feel free to click on any picture/link to get full details on these simple, speedy projects!

(Seeing my Amber wedding band in this last shot almost made me cry... it's still missing in action for months here.. waah).

Anywho!  Hope that got you in the cosy & cheery creative spirit, friends.
I'll likely post another roundup with 'gift' ideas for kids soon too.

Mel ;o)


Out and aBoot...

Sometimes you just need to dress like lumberjacks and take your kids to the swing set.
 Oh, and these boots!  Thanks to my sweet friend for passing them on to me... (I had been dreaming of owning a pair of mid-shin cowboy boot meets Blundstone's forever now... and these are those!!).

Now, I walk like a boss.
Or... push a swing like one I guess.

Hope your weekend went well friends?

See y'all on the flip side,
Mel ;o)


sneak peeks plus: (jewellery + more!)

 Sooo I don't know where that week went, but wow ~ it's friday already.
I thought it was about time I showed you more of the creations hatching from this nest for the upcoming Christmas show*.
Above: I've been having lots of fun with making earrings lately (despite the fact that jewellery pliers make my fingers feel like Oktoberfest sausages).
That beloved turquoise stone is making many appearances, as well as doily 'snowflakes' on wood pendants.

 A variety of turquoise and wooden beaded necklace pendants will also be available.

 Oh yes, and these babies.
Gold gilded painted feathers on cork.
'What the what?' you say... yes!

I just can't get enough of painted feathers lately (as you may recall from past projects).

They can hang like slender ornaments from a tree, wall or doorknobs... 
(heck, maybe no one else will understand their purpose, but they're my lil' dose of happy.)

So there's another sneak peek at what treasures will be squeezed on to my craft table in a few weeks.

This weekend I hope to catch up on a few more projects in lieu of this nasty flu knocking me off my 'crafting pace' this past week.

Happy weekend'ing friends!
Mel ;o)

*P.S. For you lovely locals (or those willing to travel) here's the poster with details about this craft show:



pretty as a popsicle.

One of the many challenges of parenting:
shoving the proper nutrition in to your kids face
getting them to eat healthy!
Our daughter is often a picky eater... with the appetite of a small canary most days.
(While the other days she has an insatiable hunger and whines for snacks 24/7).
 How can we say 'no' to those puppy eyes?!
One of her favourite treats: Popsicles (which she calls "Pah-sicles").
Which mama calls - camouflaged nutrition!

We throw a pile of fruit, milk/yogurt, SPINACH in the blender.
Pour in to ice cube tray.. snip up some straws to stand in each cube.
Fruit Smoothie Popsicles at the ready.

Daughter Azriel thinks she's getting a treat,
but mama knows she's getting the good stuff.

The messy goodness.
(Should I say how often I think she looks like a toddler zombie? Ha!).

Here's to good health - and the sneaky ways we achieve it sometimes.

Mel ;o)


the lucky one...

They say a good relationship is found when both people feel they got better than they deserve.
Well, when it comes to luck providence... God blessed me with this guy, my Ben.
I know a lot of you readers keep wondering how on earth I manage to get so much time to craft, and Ben is a big support in that aspect.
As you may remember, he's our baker man.
You local folk may want to know that he's moved from the Stickling's factory over to our favourite cafe Black Honey... he's now working in their new Bakery!
So while he's always gone to the bakery by 4am... he's home by lunch hour (currently).
This means a whole afternoon with Dad around to help wrangle the kids, or even take Azriel out while I do a intense craft-blitz.
This also means that when the family all tuck in to their beds (including Ben) I have the rest of the evening to clean/craft/blog.
(Though as of now, we're both incapacitated from this nasty flu going around).
 Ben has time to be creative in his own way too.
He bakes all morning... and comes home to do more baking for 'fun'.
That's a huge help to this mama... since he actually loves cooking/baking/making dinners (whereas I should probably have a restraining order from the kitchen).

Most evenings find these two snuggled in close... finally sitting down for a nice round of Looney Tunes... (or, Angry Birds!).

Then, it's kisses goodnight and "I love you"s
to young and old,
small and tall,
daddy and daughter,
(and baby Hudson too). 

I'm the lucky one,
and I know it.

Mel ;o)