[four] he's a jolly good fellow...

Four years ago today, my ben and I were there:
Under a tumultuous sky (thanks to hurricane Gustav)... with three tents perched in rolling hills.
My favourite day. ever. happened.

Surrounded by friends and family (above: our whole crew of in-laws & out-laws). 
Despite having over 200 guests, it was still hard to not invite more that I wished we had room for!  Though, the nervous minutes before the ceremony had me wishing it was just a handful of people.  But in the end it was such an incredible experience to be in a mob-scene of love and laughter all united in joy for our marriage.

Our friend's were such an incredible part of our wedding... we could not have had our dream day (on a shoestring budget) without their amazing input.
They prepped.sewed.baked.cooked.decorated.photographed.cleaned.entertained.
 That's one of the things I still love most about our day... how every detail was handmade with care by friends (even my wedding dress).

Another special detail was our 'woodland theme'... right down to the two bunnies on our wedding cake.  (Back-story: Ben wrote a wonderful proposal story to me about a guy bunny that fell for a girl bunny... yes, that guy can write!).

So of course, we also planted a tree.
Meanwhile, Ben looks about twelve here... but I promise we were legal marrying age!

That's the main thing I loved about our day: that guy.
My guy.
I would marry him all over again.
In a field.. or cardboard box.
In wonderful clothes... or rags.
Surrounded by friends... or alone.
As long as I get him, it's the best.day.ever.
How can four years feel like a moment, and a lifetime all rolled in to one?
How can love strengthen and weaken you in equal intensity?

I'm still learning and loving more about him each day.
And by God's grace I hope we have many more days ahead.

Happy Anniversary Ben,
you're the best thing since sliced bread.

Mel ;o)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Way to be, you two. Here's to the next four!

  3. Happy anniversary! Your wedding looks so beautiful, at my brother's wedding we had a tiny budget too with everyone contributing one thing, I think that makes the day all the more special and personal!
    Faye x

  4. Happy Anniversary Mel and Ben! That was such a wonderful day! May the Lord bless you with many more happy years together :)

  5. Thanks so much ~ and that wonderful day was even better for having your sweet voice fill the air with praises. xo

  6. Hello Faye! Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I agree completely... the handmade touch is so much more beautiful and meaningful. ;o)

  7. ...er, you meant four-ty right Dan?! heheh.. that's what I'd be happy with for a start. ;o)

  8. thank you very much! ;o)

  9. hey, you remembered, happy anniversary guys.

  10. hehe, yep - thanks to a calendar! ;o)

  11. So nice Mel! Congratulations on 4 years! It sure can fly by, aye?

  12. Thanks Cristi.. yes, its a crazy weird wonderful blur!

  13. Oh gosh, four years <3 So much has happened & changed & I loved reading this :) Best wishes for the next four and more!!

  14. Sure has - lots changes, lots stays the same - well mainly, that I'm still crazy for him. Thanks so much Des! xo

  15. Lol. Forty, of course. I just meant the next four... and the next... and the next!


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