FALLing for delights...

leaf raking
apple pie baking
cider sipping
tea bibbing
market shopping
 playground hopping
church singing
hearts ringing
family feasting
bellies increasing
All things bright and beautiful.
Savouring this sweet Fall season.

What are you grateful for lately?

Mel ;o)


cool like that...

What rhymes with cool?
 It's best not to take oneself to seriously.
Laugh at yourself... and let others do the same.

Those who tend to worry about being cool, look more the fool.
Those who confidently play the fool, are all the more cool.

Yeah, getting all Dr.Seuss on you up in here...
I've just been thinking about our kids, and the challenges of 'fitting in' and discovering their identities as they get older.
I want to see them shine.
Not try to dim their lights to go undetected by others,
or to blend in with the blur of the crowd.

I guess this is another example of learning to 'lead by example'.
How's my light shining?

a fool,
Mel ;o)



..bump ahead.

Alright, alright friends... here's the obligutory baby belly posing post thing.
If you're in to that kind of thing...
Yeah... so here it is.

 There's the 4.5 month baby-brewing belly.
Really, it just feels a lot like the gut I had before being pregnant.. but I can't suck it in anymore!
I'm just glad to finally be getting past that slightly awkward stage of people looking at your belly and wondering 'did she just eat too many chocolate bars?'.

Instead I'm at that new awkward stage where people like to touch/rub/caress your belly.
Which still makes me want to start wearing t-shirts that say "not a petting zoo" or "does this look like Buddha's lucky belly"?... It's just weird.  I know everyone is all ooh'ing and ahh'ing over this precious cargo... but the belly rubs need to stop.
I'm totally just as guilty though, I see a pregnant friend and go "squueeeee!!" rub rub rub pat pat the belly!  So, I get it.
Quick poll: what mamas out there actually are cool with the belly grope fest?

Y'okay that's the post to give you a sneek peak of our progress here.
Maybe I'll grace you all with more gut shots as I hit the hugemongaloid threshold of the final few weeks or something.. hold your breath!

In other news, I'm much more aware of the lil' person's flutterings inside now.. so that's cool!  No longer is a question of: was that gas - or the baby doing a soft shoe?

I get to meet another new 'back up' midwife this week as well, fun!

There's the scoop, friends.
Thanks for being here.

mama Mel ;o)


up to date updates...

 * Almost FOUR, in just over a month!
* Still loves pretending to be a baby to get 'more snuggles'.
* Must do.everything.by.herself (getting dressed, potty, singing a song, etc).
* Always wants 'just toast.. with white butter'.
* Eats like a bird.
* Still asks "who are we going to visit today?" every.flippin'.morning when she gets up.
* Loves to be silly, make us laugh, and play make believe.
* Throws down an epic emotional meltdown if suffering an *injustice (accompanied by such phrases as: "that's NOT fair!!"  "this is the worst day of my life" at 7am... "nobody loves me ever again!") you know, if she doesn't get her way in a given moment.
* A sweetly helpful big sister 90%.. and harmful one 10%.
* Loved by her family 100%.

* 19 months old.
* Heavy as a cinder block.
* Eats like a champ.
* Gave up his morning nap.. despite waking up ridiculously early each day (5-5:30am).
* Has a wide mischievous toothy grin, and content nature.
* There's always a car, truck, book or gadget in his pudgy grip.
* He's fascinated with getting on a chair, off again.. repeat.
* Currently words are few: Daddee, Mommee, Ahhzi, Hey'O, Dat, Nigh Night, Uh-Oh...
and basically every.little.thing is his world says: "Grrrrrrrrraaw".
* He loves to be chased, and squeals with delight and fright at the notion.
* If we say "belly" he yanks his shirt up and smacks his bulging tummy.
 * Loved by his family 100%.

Mel (photo taken by daughter who wanted a 'silly face').
* Currently 17 weeks pregnant.. or almost HALF WAY which seems freakier to say!
* Early bedtimes and erratic sleeps are the norm around here now.
* Getting the 'itch' to change the house around before Winter.... maybe just paint the bathroom.
* Still working part time at our Benjamin Moore shop in town.
* Savouring the mornings spent with the kids.. and afternoons while Ben works now.
* Learning to plan meals/make grocery lists/cook dinners like a boss again.
* Embracing fall with all my love of layers, warm drinks and cozy toques.
* Life seems simple, quiet and beauty-full when we declutter and focus on our faith.
* I'm a blessed gal with this family, good friends and most of all - a loving Saviour.

Just a little update of sorts, where we're all at in this point of life... (minus dragging the handsome hubby into it - since he prefers it this way).
How's it going in your journey there?
The seasons are changing,
the kids keep growing,
hope you're well, friends?

warm socks + pumpkin lattes,
Mel ;o)




So I'm not usually one to get all 'ruffled' by the Mompetition neurosis that rampages through our society.  You know, how all the social medias, books, moms groups etc. can create this unrealistic pressure to be the 'everything' Mom, that does every.thing.right. 
The guilt, the insecurities, the nagging doubts... the comparing.
Yeah, I try to avoid those traps as much as I can... but one place I keep faltering:

- how to 'school' our children.-

You guys I am flustered and floundered on this topic!
 I mentioned that we decided to keep our daughter home this year (though she technically would have qualified for junior kindergarten)... but I didn't mention how I also last minute called the Principal of a nearby school and asked if there were any openings!  I was feeling very undecided to say the least...

I see so many pros and cons to both sides of the decision (whether to pursue homeschooling or enrol them in school for the future).  I swing one direction.. and then think of a counter argument/concern and swing the other way.

This is the one place I find myself falling for the trap of 'comparing' with other mothers.  I see homeschooling mamas and think "they're so organised.. and I'm a chaotic mess"!  I don't have the cute charts, magnets and work stations..  I just have a sweet owl bell that we ring for 'class' that lasts about 10 minutes and we're off to something else.
I don't 'feel' like a teacher.. if that makes sense.
Heck, I even tried to tell our daughter that a hexagon had five sides... and then googled it to discover that's a SIX sided shape... doh.
So much for kindergarten being child's play for me.

Hubby Ben is always the voice of reason around here.. and assured me that maybe I was 'making things too complicated' in thinking that I had to measure up to some ideal of what homeschooling this year was to look like.
She's three, almost four.
Keep it simple.

Keep doing what we're doing...
Nature hikes.
Reading together.

I'm thankful life comes one step at a time, these days I really need those small steps!
Here's hoping this year brings me more clarity (instead of competition) about what's best for our children's education.

Did you find the decision this daunting?...

mama Mel ;o)


My one - and - only craft show left!

So this is happening for all you locals (and yokels) to be aware of!
I'll be smothering a table with all my crafty goodies for sale SALE sale.

Lots of jewellery, random quilted fun, and by popular demand.. a limited edition of those happy Hedgehog stuffies (come early if you want one).

This is my last craft show for who knows how long... (I plan to submerge into a pregnancy coma for the next few months and won't attempt my usual Christmas show)... so for you local fans, this is your only chance to see some Needle & Nest goodies - I'll be throwing some fun sales in their to thank you for your sweet patronage!

Now you know, mark your calendars for THIS Saturday, wooot!

creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


FIVE flippin' fantabulous years...

Soooo it's been five years of marriage to this Converse clad chap of mine.. and I still manage to botch up when the date is!

Truth be told last month I asked him what he wanted to do for our special weekend.. and he stared at me blankly.. "our anniversary.. helllooooo?"  I said.
"Mel, it's next month babe".

Oh, right.
I hate numbers.... and am equally awful with dates.

But what I don't hate, is this guy.
In fact.. I still love him deeper, more real'er with each passing year God gives us here.
It's funny to even look back at our wedding pictures and think what naive little munchkins we were.. just stepping into the shallow end of what this deep ocean of life and love is all about.
I'm eager to keep swimming alongside this guy.
Diving deeper each day in to what God has in store for us.

I feel so blessed to be front row center in watching him grow and develop in grace.
I admire his dedication and commitment to our family... and how desperately he has sought to provide for us in a tough climate.
I shall affectionately refer to him as 'Dusty' now.. since each morning he comes home covered in flour from the bakery - and as of this week - now comes home at dinner hour covered in sawdust from working for a cabinetry company.

Seriously, he's the man.

Now, a word on marriage.  It seems that such a sacred union of souls is really under attack in our day.  I've seen friends separate, divorce... and suffer heart break.

Nothing saddens me more than seeing married couples not living out the love they once held and vowed to keep.
I don't know where you're at right now... but I truly hope you still love and delight in your partner.
I hope you fight for that.
Make time for them.
Give them the best of you each day (not the dragged down/wrung out/end of the day lump we can feel left with). 
Laugh together.
Go on a hike.

And now because I just want to rant:
* Please, lets not complain about our husbands....
* Please don't post pictures of actors you think are "hot" for all your facebook friends to see (including your husband.. )  Guess what - your IDEAL guy is now your HUSBAND.. keep your eyes/heart falling for him each day.
* Please don't repeatedly talk about your ex's with your husband... especially not in front of your kids?!.. 
*  Please show your kids you respect, admire and love your man... don't belittle and berate him.
 *  Have 'contempt for contempt'.. (i.e. don't let resents fester, clear the air quick!).

Yeah.. don't get me started, hehe!


Ben, my love, you have it all.
You have my heart.
Happy high five to you!

mel ;o)

*If you're a newer reader.. and you missed last years post about this occasion, you can catch more detail pictures from the wedding there.


fears, faith ...and all this heart feels in between.

I'm not going to lie... there are still those moments of wide-eyed panic about having a third child in our nest.  Those moments when I think "now we'll be outnumbered, and we just got good at this tag-team parenting thing"...
Sometimes I just want to cling to another mother's apron and say "how do you do eeeeeet??!".
Especially if they have three.. or seven kids... or any number over one, actually.
Because secretly, any woman with over one kid still seems like a super hero to me (granted, moms of one are still amazing too)... but you watch these mothers of multiples and wonder: "you don't even seem half crazy... how do you do it?"  "I still have last weeks mac & cheese crusted on my shirt... how did you get yourself AND your children all dressed neatly?".
I still have cold sweats about trying to wrangle three kids into clothing and make it out the door with any trace of punctuality (and we are punctual-obsessed over here kind of people!).

So, I know there's going to be crazy times.
The crazy good... sweet... fill your heart to over-gushing goodness stuff....
..and that other kind of eye-twitching "Mama's going to need a time out" cra-crazy.

The good news is (that I'm slowly learning) even when the waves of life experiences seem to tower overhead and threaten to capsize your small boat of faith... God's got that whole ocean in the palm of His hand. 
That's my anchor.

I'm not going to lie... there are also moments of eager anticipation about having a third child in our nest.  The delight of watching these little people grow and develop...
...and as witnessed here, even calmly enjoy each other's company!

Birthing little buddies for the book crib,
mama Mel ;o)


what's soft and prickly, and loved all over?

Well friends, we finally dusted off the sewing machine and made some fun here!

I haven't had the desire/energy/motivation to create for months now... so just doing this project on a whim was refreshing indeed.
 When daughter Azriel heard the machine start up she looked over with a big grin and asked: "what are you making me, mommy??!".  She then eagerly dove right in with helping me stuff little paws and feet...

 Voila, our furry little hedgehog/porcupine... thing!
(I'd link a pattern if there was one..but I just invented it).
The next morning Azi woke me up and whispered:
"WAKE up Mommy... we need to sew more porcupines!!"

She barely let me eat breakfast - slave master - and then we whipped up a few friends.
(Hudson's lil' blue guy became a mutant  bear thing.. since I flipped the face pieces upside down by mistake.. oops).  A fun lil' trio of furries for the kids here.

Have you been creating anything fun lately?
Happy long weekend all!

Mel ;o)