shrug it off...

A short story:
Once there was a crazy mama who wished she could make a pillow as soft as her kitty's warm fuzzy belly...

...since in reality, her couch pillows were as inviting as a burlap sac.

"Aha" says she.
"My cozy knit shrug could be upcycled into pillow sleeve covers"...
...and that she did.

The end.
(P.S: the speed with which I hatch an idea like this - and carry it out - prevents me from recognising certain issues... i.e. the fact that this knit shrug perfectly resembles the coarse Berber carpet going up our stairwell, and that association now makes these pillows seem less appealing. Oops!)
Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Mel ;o)


Small/Tall Style: [blue & orange]

Hello friends!
It's been a few weeks since we've participated in Small Style... so I thought I'd throw together some recent shots of the cuties (and mama too).  
The colour palette being: blue & orange

Azriel is proud to be the big sister... though I think 'big' may soon be 'small' at the rate this Hudson chunk is growing!  
I think he's sneaking some Miracle Grow on the side... because at 7 weeks old - he's already in 6month clothing! Gah!

He's quite the rascal this one, just look at those silly faces.

Then there's my silly face... er, hair.  It's been called "creamsicle" now which is fitting!

Yes, I still end up dressing in the same colours as my kids some days.
I was trying to get out of my frumpy clothes for once this week... and even got to have a mini-date with my Ben (and Hudson) at Chapters... that Chai Latte never tasted so good!

Anyways, this is that painted feather skirt I made. 
 Two ways of wearing it over/under a dress shirt... think I prefer the second look though.

That's our Small & Tall Style post for the day.
Can I just be lazy and say that all our threads are either gifted or thrifted?  Thanks!

Have a beauty day,
Mel ;o)


colour me: yellow bellied...

So you may think I'm clearly nuts when I make this confession:
Colours can still scare me.
Yes, I know ... I have seen my hair lately!  And yes, I'm an artist...  but when it comes to my wardrobe I still break out in a cold sweat at certain shades of threads. 

 This short-sleeve cardigan is a perfect example.  Now I love melon.salmon.coral tones... but to wear them?  Yipes, I feel like a Spring tulip... when usually I'm more comfortable in the colour palette of a swampy bog.

But just like forcing myself into plums.purple outfits... I try (once a month at least) to splash a new colour on: funky scarves being the easiest way to add vibrant tones...
(and yes I am a Sheriff.. got the badge to prove it).  Ok, not really.

This hippy shirt has been one of my favourites for years... I've worn it out.
Out: all over Europe
Out: almost thread-bare.

The blue and green rings are inherited from my Grandma... and that big honkin' Amber ring is my engagement/wedding band. 
The moccasins and I are just chillin' with our gnomies in the garden.


What colour do you always wear?
Which tones scare you to try?

Have a colour-full day!
spring tulip mama,
Mel ;o)


D.I.Y: birds nest mobile

Hello tweet*hearts!
Here's a simple no-sew do.it.yourself project: a spring themed bird nest mobile.

You will need these items:
(Most of which could be found at a Dollar store). 
  With Easter fast approaching - now is the time to find nest/egg decor...

 I wanted to give the branch that 'first look of Spring' with wee green buds popping out.
Simply cut a larger dark green teardrop shape and a slightly smaller bright green version.
Fold them in half and face towards each other... wrapped with brown embroidery floss. 

You can make as many leaf 'buds' as you wish to cover your branch in... I ran a needle with fishing line through the centre of each bud to string it on with.

 The egg decor that I bought could be cut up with wire scissors to separate the sweet little nests and blue egg grapevine... I then attached them throughout my branch.

Back to the felt leaf buds... I attached the fish line to one end of the branch, then started twisting it along the branch - sliding a bud into place every few inches along the way... then, knot your line secure at the other end and you're done!

Now you have a 'spring inducing' mobile to hang in your home and welcome the new season with.

Have a tweet day friends,
Mel ;o)

P.S: If you're wanting a seasonal mobile - but you're on the other end of the world.. here's what I've created so far:
'Spring showers' Cloud Mobile   
Doily Snowflake Mobile    


this wild & messy journey...

 Do you ever look back at your childhood and think it's a wonder you made it out alive?
No, not because we likely made our parents want to throttle us...
I'm talking about all the silly.stupid.senseless things we did as kids before we knew any better. 

Now that the roles have switched - and I'm the mama - I'm starting to wonder what learning curves my own children will go through.
Will experience be a hard teacher and knock them down... or will they bounce back stronger?

Lord help them if they turn out like their mama:

My first collection were 'baby pancakes' (the tiny batter splatter) which I stored in a ring box... until the day I decided I was done collecting... and ate them.

When I was still too young to swim well (or at all)... I almost drowned.. twice.. at the same camp.

On a family trip to Niagara Falls I thought it would be fun to scare my Mom and pretend to climb over the railing... not so funny it turns out.

While playing hockey in our basement I accidentally smashed the light bulb... clever me decided to get up on a chair and unscrew the remaining piece left in the socket.... zap!  My arm felt quite floppy.funny for a while.. and I thought it best to not tell my parents. 

When my older sister needed crutches, I decided to play with them... and then thought I'd try going down our stairs... as I launched forward it was then that I realised my feet couldn't reach the steps below while suspended on the crutches... but momentum had already sealed my fate.

Sometimes I find myself needing a paper bag when I start to think of what could befall our own kids.
But, I choose to trust that the same good God Who guided me through, will hold their hand too.  
For all the other bruises.scratches and thumps this world may give them... I will be there to kiss it better as best I can, and show them the scars that says "mama's been there too".

Mel ;o)


seeing RED!

Alrighty friends... here's the new doo!
I mentioned in my recent hair cutting post that I was eager to put some wild colours back in my hair (now that I'm post-prego mode and can re-toxify myself)! 

Step 1: I used Garnier's Nutrisse Extra Blonde to bleach my hair.
(This brought back my high school memories of having rubber duck yellow hair).
Now, originally I was just going to bleach a chunk on the longer side of my locks - but even mixing half the amount of bleach gave me ample amount to slather all over. 

Step 2: Who doesn't scream for ice cream?  
This is a new product to me, but I was game to try it since it was the only permanent 'wild' colour I could find at Shopper's Drug Mart.
Fire engine red (though it looks more orange in these shots)... fun times! 

So for now it's blonde and fiery red... but Ben and both think it would be cool to use a dark colour with the red in the future (black/plum likely...).

This mama loves rockin' here new doo here.

Hope you're all having a colourful weekend friends!

Fiery mama,
Mel ;o)


dear son. hudson.

Dear Hudson,

Six weeks ago you entered the world, and lodged yourself right into the core of our squishy hearts.
You have literally grown right before our eyes - packing on a pound each week - you are the milk junkie.
 Your big sister Azriel is still delighted by your presence, and always directs me to feed you when you're crying - while smothering you with kisses and hugs every moment she can.

Your rascally goofy grin cracks me up every time, and your giggle is pure delight.

These are the wonders I know I'll remember... despite the sleepless nights.
...despite the screaming bowels of contempt.
...despite the insatiable desire to feed.
...despite the resulting constant supply of gas/poop delivered by you.

It's been a sloppy ride these first few weeks,
I thought the 'second baby' would be a breeze - a 'been there done that' approach.
But every child is unique, and so is the parenting.

Everything we did with Azriel:: has been undone and reformatted with you.
bassinet :: to co-sleeping
pacifier :: to complete rejection of soothers
scheduled feeds :: to demand/seeking to 'move' your bowels!

In either approach, we're seeking to love and raise you the best we can.
Now don't tell Hudson he's wearing pink (or his sister's hand-me-downs)... but I love doing these comparison shots!

[You may also recognise Azriel's magical tu-tu she still delights in]. 

Yes, these are the lil' hoots in our nest,
Mel ;o)


 ...this cat is staring at me as I type.
Tinderpuff always jumps up next to me when I sit with the lap top... she places an expectant paw on my arm and gives me her best 'puppy eyes' for affection.

...baby Hudson is softly snoring from across the room in a cocoon of blankets.

...there's a beautiful moment of quietness in this nest (Azriel is at the zoo with her Grandparents this morning).

...I brew some Earl Grey Vanilla tea in my tall turquoise mug, and breathe.

...listening to this mellow playlist currently.

I don't know why it's always on Friday that I feel so reflective... maybe it's the perspective of looking back on another completed week.

I've been processing a lot lately - even while being in a 'newborn fog'.
When you're forced to be still those quiet voices are given more clarity.

They speak with a fragile force that can't be ignored - but so often is drowned out in the distracting din of the daily.

"Who are you?"
"How's your heart space?"
"Are you growing in grace?"
they ask.

"What's holding you back?"
"What do you fear?"
"Who are you blaming?"
they whisper.

This has been a strange time for me.  Recovering from birth, then surgery.  Forced to sit which makes me go squirrelly.

I've felt torn between just trying to endure this time - wishing it gone already.
But also seeking to be present, to be taught in this moment.
But also not wanting to be short-sighted and forget the bigger picture.

The trap of "I'll be happy when...." will always disappoint.
I need to find and hold the joys that are here for me (and for you) right now.
These seconds are making up the moments,
the moments create the days,
these days are our fleeting life.

I have to keep flexing the muscle of gratitude in my heart,
because when it's weak it just wants to fester in self-pity.

So, in this moment, I declare that I AM THANKFUL.

Too many blessings to count.
Forced to sit and blessed to consider them.

Grateful mama,
Mel ;o)



3-in-1: Lace style...

 Happy 'first day of Spring' day everyone!  Don't you love how these balmy breezes put the wind back in our weary wintered sails... I sure do.
I thought I'd show some fashion options for Spring based on that lace tablecloth d.i.y from last year.
Who knew the love of lace.doily would become so trendy this year... but sneaky us (we can have the same look for the cost of a thrifted tablecloth)!

One skirt::Three styles
1. My first - and favourite - style is to layer the lace skirt under a shorter skirt or dress. 
It adds a lovely ruffle to the bottom of any outfit this way. 

2. Wear the lace skirt over some colourful leggings for a flouncy summer look.

3. Hike it up the torso and belt it secure.  
I'm sure some of you could pull off this look beautifully... but for me, I kind of feel like a cupcake with too much icing here.

Bonus Style Option: 
Dum dum da dee... that's right: even bride-friendly styles here, and won't the groom be surprised when you yell "Peep-O"!
Or maybe this will revolutionise Middle Eastern fashion options... who knows.
Really, this one skirt has limitless potential!

So I hope you are inspired to run out and grab that thrifted tablecloth right this minute.
(For more doily.lace d.i.y inspiration you can go here too.)

You're beautiful!
lace-crazed mama,
Mel ;o)


D.I.Y: Pinterest projects

Sometimes when my brain feels like mush for creative inspiration (which is often lately).. I hop over to Pinterest to score some ideas.  So today's do.it.yourself projects are actually from this source.
When I saw this super fast & easy tutorial for making cute chipmunks from a basic winter glove... I knew we had to make them!

Azriel - my eager assistant - watched as I hacked the glove into 'animal limbs'.
She sat beside me as I sewed on the machine (eagerly stuffing my pin cushion with pins).
Then we stuffed with fluff and stitched them all together. 

My stubborn lazy side (that doesn't tend to measure/follow patterns) resulted in a slightly 'mutant squirrel' version of the project.  
I also tied on a scrap kerchief for the fella and a wee necklace for the lady.

The real measure of a successful project: my daughter's delight!

Another super easy project from Pinterest was this rainbow ribbon cloud pillow.
I used some leftover ribbons I had (tip: singe the edge of ribbon on a candle and it won't unravel). 
This was to celebrate/congratulate my daughter on finally getting into her big girl bed

Are we Pinterest friends yet?  Hope so!

Have a beauty day,
sewing mama,
Mel ;o) 


moment by moment.

I said to Ben last night "it seems like we can hear the kids growing" as they shoot up right before our eyes.  
The days are quietly stealing away the 'baby moments'.  Our wee Hudson is packing on a pound a week... so needless to say, he already looks like a linebacker at one month now.

Then there's Azriel.  She is quickly becoming a little lady.  
From the moment she gets up to when her head hits the pillow... she is in non-stop banter mode.  
I should record every minute of the day for how hilarious it is.  She also wants to copy me on everything - hence the baby wrap she's wearing for her doll. ;o)

And then there's my Ben...
You could say we're both growing a lot lately too.
More exhausted - learning patience.
More stresses - learning faith.

Having a new baby.. and now recovering from surgery... has put more strain on Ben to be the 'man' & 'mama' of the house.  I'm grateful to him for his care.
In the chaos of a thousand dirty diapers and tending to the kids... we can feel a million miles apart.
We catch eyes and give a knowing look that says "I miss you" and "I still love you".
He sees in to me.
in to me see.

Time slips by so quickly... but I am grateful for these moments.
I look back and remember a Dad and his daughter feeding the ducks.
Our first walk outside as a family of four now.

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"
Psalm 90:12

Counting the moments,
Mel ;o)



dust fairy..

You know that beautiful moment when you sit in a glowing ray of sunshine?
But then it illuminates all the dust particles ... and you try to hold your breath to not inhale all the floating junk?! 

Well, maybe I'm a germ-a-phob on this issue because it honestly creeps me out (though I know I'm breathing it in all day).. just seeing it is gross.
So, years ago I tried to convince myself is was simply 'fairy dust'... and then opted to sit in the dusty sunbeams as if they were my very own magical snow globe. 

Now it seems that someone else in this nest has found the magic...
...and she dances in this sparkling constellation.

Sweet fairy.

dust n' delight,
Mel ;o)