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* a berry good time indeed *
Happy Canada Day/Weekend fellow canucks! 

Mel ;o)


A.musing.mama! 3.7

The power of a compliment.

Husbands ~ consider your wives.  We sometimes wonder if you still see us as the attractive bride you married.  Now that the kids and the chaos of the daily routines have added gray hairs and jiggly pounds.  A kind word is like your 'super power' to charge our hearts!

Wives ~ consider your husbands.  He sometimes wonders if you have any thing else in your wardrobe other than yoga pants and men's t-shirts.  Dress 'up' for him like you used to when you were *trying* to attract him.  Throw on that shiny lip gloss he likes, and fluff out your hair five minutes before he gets home from work.

Sure, our value doesn't lie in the surface props... but it goes both ways, doesn't it?
Feel good, look good.
Look good, feel good.

Maybe I should go throw my hair around now,

Mel ;o)

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stop. chop. and roll.

Hey there friends,
It's been a while since I've done a quick *foodie* post - and today it's all about my favourite type of cuisine: THAI!

Back when my guy and I were young(er)... and had this crazy thing called 'disposable income' we used to eat out... like, a lot. But, the debate would always be about where to eat - because I constantly craved all things Thai, while Ben wanted a good pub meal of fish + chips.  Thankfully there's some awesome local restuarants that met both our palettes.

Anywho, now that we're old(er) and cheap(er)... we have to make the fine dining from home.

So recently I decided to whip up some spring rolls for some friends and our family.
This is a bit *labour intensive* simply because it's a lot of fiddly work.

I like to have all the ingredients chopped and ready on one side, with my large fry pan filled with (sugar) water on the other.

1) Soak a piece of RICE paper in the water until it softens to the touch (like the consistency of a deflated slobbery balloon that your toddler lets off in your face...).

2) Slip a new sheet into the water to start softening while you make the current spring roll.

3) Place a small portion of your ingredients on the lower third of the rice paper - like so: 
(Ingredients seen here: basil leaf + red pepper + mango + cooked chicken).
4) Roll up bottom piece over the ingredients, then flip both of the side panels over the middle and roll them up nice and tight.

Serve fresh with a sweet chili sauce.
You can also pan fry (deep fry) them for an extra greasy treat.

What's your favourite cuisine?

Mel ;o)


confessions (of a mama) part.20.

For a mama who is literally *never* alone, there are still times that feel painfully lonely.
Maybe it's true for most mothers - this battle with isolation.
It seems odd, that in light of all these wee ones around us continually vying for our attention, that we could feel alone.  It seems confusing that despite all the frequent play groups and visitors throughout the week that this feeling can persist.
I'll tell you when I feel most alone... is after an especially difficult day with the kids.
After all the wailing, rebelling and disobedience has pushed me to the brink.
After the anger has boiled my blood and shook me down to my very marrow.
After my hands are quivering from the strain of trying to hold back this wild beast inside.
 The battle of speaking firmly - but calmly - while my insides are screaming.
Trying to keep that monster of anger stuffed inside is isolating.
Because it feels like you're the only one who sees it.
Like, a dirty secret.
Secrets separate us.
Prevents intimacy.
Prevents into-me-see.
When my husband comes home and asks 'how was your day?'... and I give him that wild eyed stare.  The 'PTSD (post toddler stress disorder)' kind of stare that says, "I'm barely keeping it together here".
He gets it.
He knows me.
But still, not enough....
There's a loneliness that runs deeper than your soul mate can reach.
 This is the kind of heart ache that is a megaphone crying out for the deepest connection.
The reunion of my heart to the heart Who made me.
Christ Jesus

He alone knows me deepest.
Sees my heart.
Loves me still.

Every other distraction we seek to fill this void will leave us empty.
Feasting on Facebook, tuning out to television, burying ourselves in books, pursuing pleasures, exercising excessively.... any good thing we try to turn in to the ONLY delight, becomes an added obstacle to true fulfillment.
'Our hearts are restless, till they find their rest in Thee' - Augustine.
Weary mamas, fatigued friends, I hope you know where to find the deepest rest.
To be known in the deepest intimacy possible, and loved extravagantly through grace.
 I pray that you would taste and see He is good,
Yes, His love is better than wine.

Mel ;o)



A.musing.mama! 3.6

Bedtime is kind of scary for everyone...

The kids are trying every 'one more...' they can think of.
One more hug, one more story, one more song, one more drink.

While we're using every 'NO more' we can think of too.

(And what is the deal with the kids being more bonkers on the nights we're most exhausted)?

These are the nights I'm especially grateful that my husband usually puts the kids to bed, just so the above scene doesn't actually happen most evenings!

A.musing mama,
Mel ;o)

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Finished projects!

**bunting makes this girl real happy!**
 So she sews still.
She, being me, that is.

The projects are few and far between at this stage of life... as you can imagine.
So when I do sew - it's mainly small manageable projects for home (or for gifts). 

Now I'm a firm believer that *bunting* makes any room better.
(Some call them flags, banners, pinnies... it's 'bunting' to me).
And I'm now one more room closer to the goal of: 'bunting.in.every.room.of.our.nest'.

A happy combination of my favourite things: turquoise, lime, paisley, damask... for our big front window.

Our oldest daughter has inherited my aesthetic side, and squealed when she saw it hanging:
"Ohhhhh thank you for sewing those decorations mama,
it makes me soooo nice!"

Win, win.

Annnnnnd, in other sewing news: I recently made this tweet lil' hoot for a friend and her newest addition in their nest!
Features: turquoise vinyls, leather beak, wooden button eyes and fabric/felt body and wings.

What about you crafty friends?
Any projects you've managed to make lately?

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


A.musing.mama! 3.5

Ahhhh yes, that moment when your husband pulls in the driveway... and you both look at each other as if you've been hit by a truck.
"Take the kids, I need a break" we both say (usually in our heads).
I keep telling my husband he needs to work until 4:50, not 5:00, because it is often those last ten minutes that destroy us.
No matter how good (or bad) the day may have been.

Even if I've managed to get dinner ready, and the table set... every.one is going to be having a meltdown at 4:50.
You know, just in time for Dad to come home and think his address is the insane asylum.

We're lucky enough to have this guy that comes home and jumps right into the fray, helping with dinner, or wrangling kids, or coaxing me out of the corner I may be rocking in....

so, thanks for always coming home to us Ben.

Happy (belated) Father's Day!

Mel ;o)

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summer showers bring crafty flowers:

 Today was quite the day.
A day of rainstorms and open windows.
Our house felt humid like a rainforest... with accompanying howler monkeys inside too.

The best way to beat the heat and gray skies?
Crafts, glitter, paint!

Today we used pipe cleaners, beads, tissue paper, coloured papers and a styrofoam bowl for the base of our 'flowers'.

"This is not a hat, mama."
We also had some of our favourite *unexpected* guests today - my bestie and her cute kids for playtime and lunch, while my folks popped in later and stayed for dinner!
 As mentioned last week, it's so freeing to just welcome people in and not worry anymore!
It also helps entertain the kids who were inside almost all day.

What do you do with a rainy day?

Colourfully yours,
Mel ;o)


three? Oh, me.

This is that monthly post where I start hyperventilating...
...where's my paper bag?

Because, she - our wee number three - is that many months now.
A quarter of a year.

 We still can't hardly handle how cute she is being to us all here.
Sweetly cooing and grinning and gurgling while the kids squeal all around her.

She's a keeper.

Happy 3 months sweet lil' lamb.



...the real dirt:

I wonder, do you know that moment?
That moment when some one unexpectedly shows up at your door... and you look like a deer caught in the headlights?
You're wondering if you've even brushed your teeth yet today, while your eyes frantically comb the room for any signs of disorder that may appall your guest?  You've just lost your temper with the kids and everyone - including yourself - is about ready to wail again.

You're not feeling very hospitable.
You're feeling horrible.

I wonder, do you know that moment?
That moment when you've got the dishes and laundry put away.  You're actually dressed, and the kids are too.  The dinner is sweetly simmering, and you're all happily reading a book together on the couch...

... and you think: 'gosh, I hope some one drops by right now, and sees how wonderful our family is'!

 So, I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty sure most of us mamas struggle with balancing a home and being hospitable.
I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
Hospitality has become a big scary concept to many of us.

We assume it means: put on a good show.
As in, make Martha Stewart proud.  As in, have your home be the rival of any picture on Pinterest.  As in, be the smiling mom with serene children.
 We feel apologetic when people come over and see us caught in our mess.
"Sorry, it's not usually like this" and "I was just about to do those dishes" followed by "I haven't even washed my hair today".
Are we trying to convince everyone that we usually have it all together?
Are we trying to pretend that our kids are actually maids, and keep the house spotless?

Why do we all get so caught up in these ridiculous pressures to maintain the facade?
One word: pride.

Because pride is the real dirt.

Pride wants others to believe we have it all together.
If my house has to be spotless for you to visit - I'm showing the real dirt of pride - by trying to impress you with how clean I am.
How in control I am.
How 'not-a-mess' I am.

But humility is the best cleaning agent.

Humility says 'welcome, friend!'
I am what I am.
Our home is caught in the 'act' of life.
Life is messy and beauty-full.
Learn from our mistakes, learn from our dirty stains, I'm not here to lord over you.

Or, in the words of that movie we've all memorised:
"Love is an OPEN door".

Has love for others unlocked your doors?
Remember, most of us feel more at home in the chaos... because... it's real.

Mel ;o)

P.S: Dear local friends.. consider this your public invite/challenge to 'just show up' at my door for tea.  I really want to practice this humiliation humility posture.  Honestly, do it.
Yes?  Thanks!