D.I.Y upcycle your sweater into a hooded scarf

It's that time again friends.  Time to do.it.yourself and make a super fast.stupid easy project with me (if I had a 'Martha Stewart' show... that would have to be my motto for all my d.i.y.s!)
It's that time of year again.
The crisp smell of Autumn... the chill that creeps into your marrow... I love it!  
I also love dressing for it... I'm a layers girl for sure.

Recently I saw a huge hooded scarf on Etsy and got all dreamy about having one.  A sweet friend had offered to crochet one for me... but the price of yarn hit me sour.  
"There's got to be a super cheap.stupid easy solution to this" says I.... hence, the sweater upcycle!
All you need is one knit hooded sweater.
Mine was thrifted for $3 thank you (much better than the $60-$90 price tag I was looking at!) 

Ok, here we go. 
Step 1: Remove cat from lounging on sweater (every time I go to cut fabric).
Step 2: Cut up the front of the sweater to create the scarf flaps (5" width roughly).
I started to remove the buttons.. then realized they'd be handy to leave on... so leave them.

Step 3: Flip the front flap up and cut a scoop area around the back of the hood (this just leaves a nice portion to tuck down the back of your neck into a coat/sweater later).

Step 4: Hem the raw edge of sweater on your sewing machine to prevent unraveling.
Remember those buttons?  You can now wrap the sweater flaps around your neck and button them into the holes... how fun is that?! :o)

Voila, you have made a cozy hideaway for your face.

Upcycling away,
Mel ;o)


  1. i want to be like you when i grow up.

  2. you describe how I feel when I visit your site . I get all 'dreamy' heehee.

  3.  awwww.. that's sweet of you to say, thank you!

  4. Cute! I've got a couple of sweaters in mind for the fall :)

  5. i wish i could just buy a 'Mel.' you know, on etsy or something.
    like a little robot you who just makes me awesome things.
    i never would have seen a scarf in that cardigan-- but there it is!! so cool!

    love this project<3.

  6. ha ~ you're hilarious luv.. I wish I could just 'shrink down' and mail myself to you.. at least for a fun coffee date anyway!! ;o)

  7. Ooooooo! And you could use the arms of the sweater to make arm or leg warmers! This project has me very excited ^_^


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