confessions [of an artist] part.1

This week's 'confession' post is from the 'artist' part of me.
For those of you curious about the behind-the-scenes view of an artist... this is my confession..(well, here are a few actually):

1. I hate mixing colours.  So I tend to work from pre-existing shades.. often found in my favorite cans of house paint! Eeep... !  This also means I build up lots of layers of acrylic washes to get the colour I'm after.

2. Working on a number of paintings at once is ideal.  why?  So i can run from one painting to another with the same colour... almost like 'paint-by-number' for me here.

3. I am not schooled.trained.degreed.papered.  I never went to art school (tho I once planned to).
I am self-taught. I experiment. mess up. learn. paint again.

4. As a kid - drawing my family.. I always used the green crayon for my dad's beard.  Even then I had an eye for colour.

5. I hate pricing my work.  There's a strange elitism in the art field that if your art is priced ridiculously high - then its 'worth' buying...  I struggle with finding the balance of valuing my work - but still wanting the 'commoner's to have access/afford them! I also wish I could put on price tage "willing to barter" since I love that idea.. but it looks... weird I guess. ;o)

6. I am most inspired by the art of William Turner and Alphonse Mucha.  I wish those guys were still alive, and willing to take me under their wing.  For now I keep them close is wonderful books.

That's probably enough confessing for one session.  Thanks.. I feel better already.

Please go check out my latest (favorite) works starting this week at Parkhill on Hunter!

Creatively confessing yours,
Mel :o)


small steps. big lessons. 3.

Another day of 'domesticity' is winding down at this nest.  Today was my house-cleaning blitz in lieu of the earlier week being focused on getting paintings ready for my upcoming show... and because company was coming for dinner (funny how that always inspires a good clean eh?).

Home-makers always face the 'numbing sameness' of daily duties... you pick up the toys - only to see them become a new constellation on the floor again.  You wash the dishes - only to see them piled high and dirty again.  You launder the clothes.... you get the idea.
Sure, it's easy to get 'stuck' in the monotonous moments... but today I was reminded afresh of how much I love being a home-maker.  It's all about perspective right?  If I see the mess and grumble.. well I've just made a bigger mess in my heart.
But, if I see the mess... and remember the pudgy hands that made it... well - my perspective changes for the better!

So today, I wore a smile as I saw the joy my daughter had in playing with her toys.  I was thankful for the clothes on our back.  The good food in our stomachs... the dirty dishes that tell of friendships and blessings shared.

spaghetti.. kisses!

a beautiful mess. 

Mel :o)

D.I.Y upcycle earrings... into better bling.

Hello friends!  Today I am excited to share with you a fun, easy, and thrifty way to accessorize your life.  We'll be taking clip-on earrings.. and turning them into funky brooches.
I just scored - and adored - these beauties the other day in my treasure hunt.  I'm just a little bit crazy obsessed with all things turquoise/robin's egg blue (as you may have guessed)... so finding these earrings with 'tree-like' gold veins was such a delight.

So here's the quick do.it.yourself tutorial for you eager bling'ers out there.  Simply find a fun pair of clip-on earrings... and Snip, Slip and Flip them!

Supplies needed are:
clip-on earrings
felt (..or fleece or wool)
brooch pin/fastener

1. Snip a circle of felt all around the edge (think flower petals).
You can also layer as many colours/patterns of felt as you like. 

2. Cut  a small snip into centre of fabric and slip the clip-on earring through it.

3. Flip earring to 'closed' position which also secures it to the brooch pin.

Voila!  There, wasn't that easy .. and such a fun way to up-cycle old unwanted clip-ons.  The options are endless really.... [one could make 'cuff-links'/book-marks/necklaces/head-band bling...etc from these wee treasures].
In fact ... if you look closely.. my past neck-laces had a 'stray' earring or two on display.  I tend to lose one half of my pairs often... (like the case of the missing sock partner)... so I opted to incorporate them into another version of jewellery.  A happy solution for all.

A stray earring... becomes the centrepiece to this neck-lace.
Hope this inspires some creative upcycling for your day.  
Happy crafting!
Mel :o)


3 eggs in our nest : [egg. 3. creativity]

Last but not least, the third and final chapter of this "3 eggs in our nest" edition.
Previous posts covered our family's goals of sincerity, and hospitality... and the final pursuit of our nest is embracing creativity.

Creativity is one of the quickest ways to get your heart out into your hands.  I used to run an art studio for youth and saw firsthand how creativity can give voice to so much of what often lies hidden within.   There is beauty in creativity... because it is 'truth-telling'.  Now some of you may think you aren't creative because 'you can't even draw a stick-person'...  but maybe you can arrange fresh spring flowers in a way that brings beauty to your home.  Maybe you can make a meal look like a masterpiece... or tie your hair with a special flair.  We can all find ways to bring beauty into our days I believe.  
I want to teach my child to be creative, to look at the world with wonder (or maybe she teaches that more to me!)... and embrace beauty around her.

I hope you've found these posts helpful and hopeful for inspiring you to grow as a person/family.
Feel free to share any 'goals' or 'rhythms' you pursue in your life...I'd love to hear them.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

3 eggs in our nest : [egg. 2. hospitality]

Morning friends, here's part two of the edition about the goals/rhythms/hopes our lil' family seeks to live out.  The first post was about our desire to live in sincerity.  The second 'egg' of importance in our nest is living out hospitality.

As I've mentioned before, we believe food brings people together in a wonderful way.  We love being able to have folks from all ages and stages of life in our home.  While our future goal of living in an intentional community still awaits us... we seek to build community within these walls by inviting friends over frequently.  This isn't always elaborate (though Food and Drink magazine helps when it is!)... it can be as simple as a cup of tea. I still struggle with the 'pressure' of making a full 'edible' meal for guests... so my husband often helps there.  We feel it's such an important model for our daughter too.  In fact, I think one reason she's so social even now is because she's grown up with  a variety of people always popping in. 

So what does hospitality look like around here?  
We have play dates with other friends and their kids. 
We host different small groups from our church.
We have campfires in the summer.
We play games/watch a movie.
We have a tea and chat.
We walk around the neighbourhood meeting people.
We take treats/bread to neighbours.

My husband and I are both 'introverted' enough (stop laughing... I am!... really.) that we could easily hide away in our nest and be content.  But we see the joy and beauty that comes from embracing hospitality and sharing in the lives of others.

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.  ~Author Unknown

The final chapter is coming up next...
stop in for tea soon!


3 eggs in our nest : [egg.1. sincerity.]

Our 'vision' tapestry/door-hanging            This owl was on the door when we moved in...how cool is that?!

Do you have a vision for your life?  Does your family have goals for the future?  If you're like me, even these questions get me.. squeamish.  I know that just plodding along with no view to a goal can seem.. lacking in direction..  but I am definitely prone to the one-day-at-a-time approach to life.
My husband and I share this disposition so we thought it wouldn't hurt to stretch ourselves and attempt a 'vision statement'... or goals that we wanted our family to have.  Newly married, we came up with the big 3.
3 pillars of our home
3 eggs in our nest... if you'll allow me. :o)

Last year I sewed this door-hanging to remind us of our vision.  I thought it may inspire something helpful or hopeful for your family.... so I'll take you through each section over the next few blogs this week...

Sincerity is the first goal of our home.  We want to be real.  We want to encourage others to be real with us.  That means seeking to provide a place of honesty, acceptance, understanding, grace, laughter and tears.  In our marriage.. and as parents.. we're seeking authenticity.  Even in dating - I knew Ben was the one for me since there was no pressure to 'impress' or stress about being someone I wasn't.  Being loved for being you.. is good.  We want to love others with sincerity too.  It's always the best... best compliment when friends say "I don't feel like I have to pretend with you.. I can just be myself".  I think we all crave it.  Especially in a culture so littered with the phony, the plastic, the cheap 'sales-pitch' type of smile... give us something real.  By God's grace.. we're trying to keep it real over here.  

Stay tuned for the second 'egg' in our nest.....
Sincerely yours,
Mel :o)


go on... hug a tree.

source: stamp

Gosh.. I almost forgot the post I wanted to share with you today!  So I was in the post office the other day and spotted their newest stamps (seen above) in honour of International Year of the Forest. Needless to say I was in love with these stamps [and not just because it's something other than the 'royal couple' plastered everywhere!]... but the trees... and the spotlight on the mushrooms.. eep!  Seems 'trees' have been the theme of my life.  Growing up, my best bud and I lived up in her tree more than on land.  Walking in the parks, I've always had a special tree I would look for and sketch.  My husband and I had a tree theme for our 'woodland wedding' - as seen above.  Yes, we also planted a tree during our wedding..  so fun!  On our honeymoon road-trip out East we scored two wonderful gnomes ('Roger' seen above) in Quebec.  Now, our daughter gets the woodland theme growing into her room... as seen in my #3 panel of fungi painted for her.  

trees + gnomes + mushrooms
= woodland wonder.

So lets take a moment, go hug a tree, thank it for the air you enjoyed today.

Did you have a favorite tree growing up... or even today?

[leaf me a comment about it.. baha.]
Better yet... go out, buy a stamp.. and mail me some of this eye-candy!

Mel :o)

D.I.Y upcycle an old sweater.

Hello friends!  Here's a simple way to 'cutie-fy' an old sweater for your young sweeties.

1. Grab sweater (wool.fleece works best).
2. Cut around the belly/back - thereby shortening sweater to baby size.
3. Cut off arms/sides - thereby slimming to baby's chest.
4. Sew sides together and hem bottom.
5. Add a cute new button.
6. Sew on a handmade fabric brooch *optional!

Enjoy snuggling your little one in something you upcycled!
(p.s..Baby-sized scarves are the same approach.... cut to size.. and tie loosely at side of neck)

More to come this week!
Mel :o)


this needle's threads...

What's my style?  If you know me, it's that I tend to keep changing it.  I like to think it's a mix of hippy-bohemian meets chic-grunge!  :o)  Needless to say, I can't really stay in one 'genre'.  Right now my favorite style would have to be:
  • my ripped painting jeans
  • my rubber boots
  • my plaids and hoodies
  • my baby on my hip!
But who knows, tomorrow I may be back in my pearls.  That's my mama style, random... quirky... whatever fits that day. 
[rest assured: this will likely be the first - and last - post about my 'fashion' style]
Mel :o)


sweet saturday

A lovely day indeed!  My heart and my belly are full and happy.  Ben started with waffles this morning.  We got to go out for a date while lil' Azi went to a petting zoo with the grandparents and 'nap' at their place.  Our date was a fun little road trip out to the Antiques Barn.. (where I scored this sweet lil' bonnet for Azi!)... and then over to Milbrook to grab some yummies at the Pastry Peddler - and a hug from a sweet friend.  This shot above was at a classic (not classy) country diner... where everyone except us knows everyones name.   I love when the dishes don't even match.. and you know you burger is off the bbq in the back. 

On the way back into town we made a quick detour through Value Village... score: big straw hat for summer sun!  Didn't it just turn out to be such a gorgeous Easter day out there too?!  So we grabbed our gal and headed up to Jackson park for some exploring.  

.. my sweet lil' pioneer girl... with such a snotty nose today - I fear a sickness is looming again.

Mom and daughter both in their rubber boots and new hats.  Azriel loved tromping through all the leaves and pine needles... and was non-stop chatter at all the woods around her... and cute puppies there today too.

Last but not least... we went up for family dinner saturdays at Ben's folks.  Another amazing meal and I brought out these Easter treats for dessert.  The recipe you find here... but I changed it up by adding Skor chipits instead of peanut butter, and pretzel sticks instead of Chow Mien noodles. (I just can't stick to a recipe to save my life).

So there it is friends... a full fun saturday had here.  Hoping your weekend is a lovely time for you too!
Mel :o)


confessions [of a mama]. part.1.

I used to be a rock.  You could throw "Bambi".. "Old Yeller".. or "The Notebook" at me.. and I would barely get a misty eye.  That was then... B.C. (before child)... now I'm living in A.D. (after delivery).  The first time it happened was day seven of my daughter's life.  I thought I would read to her from the book of Ruth (her middle name).  Now my midwife had warned me I may get 'weepy' from all the new emotions.extremes.hormones.lactation.craziness-of-it-all in the first few weeks.... but I was unprepared for this.  The ugly cry.  So, yes, I was reading Ruth, and I got seriously overwhelmed by the kindness of Boaz (the older guy) to Ruth (the uber-committed servant girl)... and started bawling.  Yes, who knew.. I have tear ducts.

It didnt' end there.  Now you just have to throw a sappy commercial at me.  Puppy dog eyes.  A dad holding his daughter high in the air...  and I'm a gonner.  Even Disney is killing me.  I think it's rated 'G' for 'gooey'... since that's what I turn into now, a blubbering mess.  We were watching the old school "Homeward Bound" with our daughter a few months ago... and when they do the big emotional homecoming - I was losing it!  My husband laughed as I had to run in the kitchen and blubber through making dinner - as I squealed "is the golden retriever going to make it??!!!!"

Fast forward to today.  (First confession.. yes I am posting though I said farewell for the weekend).  I decided to go rent something my daughter and I could cuddle up and relax with for the afternoon.  "Bolt" looked fun... and yes, it's freakin' hilarious - Rhino the hamster... great!  But then it happened again - introduce the all too familiar plot of the bond of love between master and pet/ parent and child.... and i was bawling.  The ugly cry again.  It gets real ugly since I am trying to not freak out my daughter... so I'm attempting to look like I'm laughing.... which is just hideous I'm sure (Joker-esque even?).  So there you have it.  I am no longer made of stone.  My daughter must have melted away my stoic heart while she was growing in there...   do other mama's out there relate?  Am i the only nut-case that bawls at Disney now?
[bonus points for the locals who can guess where this statement is graffiti ed in town..!]

In the end I would much rather have my heart this way.  Trying to be 'tough' by not showing your emotion is actually the weakness of fearing to show your feelings.  I lived like a rock for quite a while in the past I think... and I would much rather be the puddle of ugly cry that I can be now.. because it feels alive.  Feel more, it's ok.

Red-eyed and content,
Mel :o)

Happy Easter!

 One year.  One baby.  One bunny cloak.  Two Easters.  Here's somebunny special to celebrate this wonderful weekend with!  A lot can change in one year... we've become home-owners, celebrated our daughter's first birthday, I've left my employment, embraced motherhood... started a blog. :o)  Lots changes.  The one constant that remains year by year is the grace I've received from a kind and loving God.  I don't use this blog as a 'soap-box' to be preachy, but the love of Christ is the only reason for my reason in life.. my hope... my joy.. my peace.  Easter is a powerful time of year... and it goes much deeper than fluffy bunnies and chocolate.  Although I still can't resist chocolate... or dressing up my hunny as a cute lil' bunny...

... this is her "I'm having so much fun with all my bunnies" face... for real.  

... this is the cats' "I'm not having fun with this bunny" face... for real

So I'm signing off for this weekend, I hope to finish some painting for my upcoming show, make some easter treats, and spend time with family... and have a hot date with my hubby even!

Happy Easter friends!
From our family to yours.

Ben, Mel and Azriel


small steps. big lessons. 2.

This post is going out to the younger crowd.  As a mother there's lots that needs to be said... but I'll try and keep this short and sweet:

1. Never talk to stranger (or 'strange' looking friends of your parents).
2. Never ever pull their finger... it will stink if you do.
3. Never ever ever accept gifts from them... including a well-worn hat... it's a trap.
4. Maintain a stoic look of indifference when they want to make you laugh.
5.  Don't break your stare... it makes them think they won the contest.
... Yes, folks, as you can see, my daughter has mastered these life-saving rules. We like to bring in our wild and wacky friends to help train her in this regard.  ;o) [ thanks Matrim.] 

Just a few more rules before I go...

6. When someone is creating.. join them.. it's a sacred moment.
7. Have the eyes to see a sand-box as a giant canvas.. and a twig as a paintbrush.
8. Look with wonder and grace upon all those you meet each day.
9.  Life is beauty-full... embrace it.
10.  Listen to your mother... she's pretty much a genius.
I guess that covers the essentials for today.
happy thursday y'all.
(with tongue-in-cheek) Mel


colour my day. 2.

Hullo!  I thought we locals may need a nice blast of colour today... in light of the continuing saga of soggy grey days out there.  I don't know about you, but I am eager for spring to put on her 'coat of many colours' and shed this muddy yucky trench coat she's been in lately.  Today I was definitely put out of sorts (as some may know) when my umbrella busted just as I was trying to get Azi and I out of the rain - sheesh!  I am like a cat to water... instant hissy-fit... just add h2o.
Anyway, I won't go on about that.. it's over. We're cozy and warm now, armed with chocolate and cuddly cats.  So here's a beautiful colourful musical post for you folks - pictures of the latest vintage gift from my Mom for my wee one.  Azi loves bashing a 'melody' out of these keys.  I'm curious if any readers remember having this one?  

{sigh} I do love that girl... (even though this week she is mastering the word "NO")... it's such a delight to watch her little hands explore the colour and characters of each key.
Hoping you find some beauty and inspiration in these bleak season,
stay warm, stay dry.. remember 'may flowers'!
Mel :o)


D.I.Y book shelf idea

source: Pinterest

Ok folks, some things are too good to not share... so here's a sweet Do It Yourself project that I am chomping at the bit to do.. myself!  Thanks to the inspiration gallery of Pinterest I was able to marry two looks I love into one idea... now to go do it. (no, not tonight... it's late, and raining...ick).

So what has me smitten?  Apart from that sweet boy in half a lion costume.. it's the sweet bookshelves that beautifully display so many fun covers!  I guess the above are actually 'spice racks' from IKEA.  That's cool enough...  but having come across this next picture.. I know exactly where I want to grab my shelves - for cheap... and free is cheap!
source: Pinterest
That's right... grab some beat up skids and chop.saw.nail.sand them into a cool up-cycled project for your kids (big kids) room!
Sweet dreams,
Mel :o)

melmac attack.

Good morning friends!  Just had to share my delightful 'thrift' find recently... Melmac.... oh, yes.  I have been searching for this type of dishware for a while now... and last week i finally came upon a lovely nest full of sweet plates.bowls.mugs at the good ol' V.V.Boutique. ;o)  I love the retro gold colour and 'wheat sheaf' motif happening here.  Not only that, I scored this gorgeous teal tray - which you may remember me using to showcase my wood pendants at the craft show.
Now I'm no expert when in comes to vintage.retro.thrift shopping.. I just know what I like when i see it.  Two local ladies who do know a thing or... fifty(!).. about vintage glam are found here and here. ;o) 

Sweet-cheeks here enjoys these bowls too.. they are perfect for morning porridge and pudgy fingers!  I love that Melmac is made in Canada.  I love that it's vintage.  I love that I can't break.chip.crack. it as easily as my other dishes.  While we're being retro... who doesn't remember ALF loving Melmac too....?  

Have a delightful day!  
Mel :o)


links to love.

My favorite craft show attendee.... ;o)
Good evening friends, I promised i would share some pictures from this past weekend's Springkle craft show... but alas, up-loading all the pretty pictures has become quite the frustration tonight.  Sometimes this internet moves about as fast as watching astro-turf grow... and I have decided for my own sanity to forgo the pictures - but still share links to all the other creative people showcased at this past weekend's event!
For  awesome 'old-school' printed word posters and cards - Jackson Creek Press was in the house.
For wild jewellery/silk-screened shirts and custom clothing - Shellbellious was representing.
For chic bags/custom neck wraps & glamorous hair bands - Fallen Debutante hosted the affair.
Hungry for amazing treats? - Rayce of Cakes and Two Dishes Catering won't disappoint.
Want to make a difference? - La Tienda supports women in the Dominican Republic.
For creative artistry fused with history - Blackbird Studio does it best.
For pottery/baby gear/jewellery/paintings.... you're already here! ;o)
A warm thanks to all of you who came out and supported your local artisans... we had a great crowd out on both days, and it was lovely to meet some new faces and catch up with the familiar ones as well!

You keep us doing what we do.
Mel :o)


sip. snack. savour.

 Hello friends.  Well it's been a full, wild and wonderful weekend here.  The Springkle craft show was a great time - thanks to all you lovelies that came out and supported it (I hope to post a blog soon about the show and all the great vendors)!
But today is one of those days... it's grey and windy - and I want to snuggle up in some warm socks and think about yummy food, warm tea, blankets, cuddly cats and family 'couch time'.  So I thought I would post some fun (easy enough for me) meals we've had around here lately...
Roasted Vegetable Soup
(this is often the soup i make when there seems to be 'nothing' around to eat)
  1. Cut up chunks of potato/sweet potato/red onion/carrots/4 cloves garlic.
  2. Drizzle olive oil/salt/pepper/curry powder* (optional)/fresh rosemary into bowl and mix with veggies.  Lay out on baking sheet.  Oven at 350 for 1 hour usually.  Stir halfway.
  3. Puree softened veg's in blender/food processor.... and serve/enjoy!

 The best way to enjoy a meal - is with friends and family.  I love how food brings people together, and hospitality is a big priority for my husband and I.  Here's a fantastic meal to have for an adult 'pizza party'.  Food and Drink magazine calls it Indian Eggplant Pizza... I call it Yummmmmmmmmm!  My husband is the 'grill guy' and does an awesome job on these.
Hope this edible palette has brought some colour to this grey day for you too... see you again soon friends!
Mel :o)


do what you LOVE what you do

[Source: Etsy]
The ability to create is a beautiful gift.  I don't take it for granted.  There is a an unceasing delight in crafting something with my hands.  Getting paint under my nails.  Sewing a quirky stitch.  Molding a lump of clay.
My husband thought I'd be sick of creating after the frenzy of this week.
I'm not.
My mind and heart still flutter with ideas.
It's like oxygen to me...
...I love what I do!


Hot off the press - recent creations!

 Hello friends!  I decided to pull my head up out of my crafting frenzy and post some pics of the recent happenings here at Needle and Nest.  Lately I have been loving these neck-lace beauties.. and assembling varieties of them for the Springkle show - starting tomorrow.. eeeep!

 These are a new addition to my table as well... wooden pendants - with reversible fun prints on both sides!  A funky necklace option for young and old.  Not sure how I suddenly got transfixed by jewelry making (never was my 'medium' before...) but it's so fun now!  The only problem is you start to feel like your fingers are Oktoberfest sausages... and your eyes start leaning over onto each other... and your back starts to hunch over your assembly table...
So yes, I am the hunchback-cross-eyed-sausage-fingered jewelry lady now! ;o)

Ok.. to prove I'm not that cross-eyed, here's my latest mug shots.  Not that I want my blog to be any more 'narcissistic' than blogging is.... and put my own pictures on it. (heh)... but some of you wanted to see the hack job I recently attempted on my hair again.  I've been cutting it for years now... and lately I feel I do more hacking than styling (hence the blunt short bang-up job).  I wasn't brave enough to go completely short - so I left my bun in the back for the hopes of a future braid (or rat-tail as I tease my husband).  Now you know how to spot me at the upcoming craft shows, hope to see you there friends!
Back to the crafting table I go... 
Mel :o)


all in a day's work...

Well the day is almost done here... and maybe you wished thought I wasn't going to put up a post today - but I'm squeaking one out.  It was a beautiful day out there - warm and sunny... a chance to get the laundry out on the line that I feared would be soaked (or blown sky high) in yesterday's tumult.  The above picture is posted on my clothes detergent bin in our laundry room.  Yes, that is my ridiculously dirty-toed husband, and my lil' cherub-toed daughter!  I thought it was a fitting pic since it marked the first day of my man's landscaping job last summer... and tomorrow he's starting up fresh for this year.  As I may have ranted before.... this guy is a gem.  He works half the week with 'special needs' individuals who can be pretty emotionally fatiguing; and now he's lacing up his steel-toed boots to go be physically fatigued for the other half of the week.  Now that he - and the babe - are both catching their zzz's... this mama is cleaning up the aftermath of a crafting-focused day (dishes are soaking in the sink, laundry to be sorted, fabric to cut...).  The highlight was discovering what my husband (who hates packing lunches) had chosen to pack for his lunch tomorrow.....
small can of peaches
zip-lock bag jammed with arrowroot cookies

... I couldn't help but laugh.  He's the most amazing chef for his family, but his lunches are bound to have him fainting in the mounds of mulch tomorrow...  so add that to my list tonight: pack a better lunch for the hard-working man of the house. 
See you tomorrow friends!
Mel :o)


moments from this nest...

My daughter Azriel and I were just 'wrestling' this afternoon [a.k.a... she runs from me squealing and I tackle her with tickles onto our bed].  She snuggled in close and in that tender moment I randomly spurted out "you and me are going to grow up together"... 
                     ...and then it hit me  [like it so often does]
I get to watch this little precious humanoid grow
day by day
moment by moment
giggle by giggle
...and once again I am all twitter-patted by the wonder of motherhood!


What dreams are made of...

[source: pinterest]   

This picture is just too dreamy for words... how could I not share it with you?!  I know I should be tucked into bed soon, but this is what my dreams would be filled with - gorgeous turquoise walls that are aged to perfection.  A tree motif winding staircase.. yes, please.  The 'nightgown' may just have me wrapped up like a cocoon though!  This is eye-candy at its best....
[source: evoke fabrics]
... and I am in love with this fabric as well.  I would buy it by the yard and make it wallpaper for a dream room!  This is all the pretty fun I can handle in one post... hope it beautifies your dreams as well.. nite nite!
Mel :o)

April showers...

[source: trees. my photo.  Brooms]

"On stormy days
When the wind is high,
Tall trees are brooms
Sweeping the sky.

They swish their branches
in buckets of rain,
And swash and sweep it
Blue again."
- Dorothy Aldis

This poem is in a children's book we had as kids, and today I read it to my daughter and found it a fitting poem for a quiet, grey sunday...
... looking forward to 'may flowers', Mel :o)


I'll be there.. will you?

The paints been flying. The sewing machine's been whirring.  The pottery's firing.  There's been a whir of activity around Needle and Nest here lately.  Needless to say, I'm gearing up for next weekend's craft show SpringKle.  I'm eager to be there... and hoping to see many of your lovely faces there too.  Here's just a sampling of what I plan to showcase:
  • Fabric silhouette hoops (seen above) - sold out of them at the last show... made more!
  • Painted purses - just a few bird bags for your 'nest eggs'.
  • Bird mobiles
  • Hand-painted baby shirts
  • Breast-feeding aprons
  • Pottery (Neck-Clays, Neck-Lace, Wrist Cuffs, Bird Ornaments)
  • Owl stuffies
  • Fabric Brooches...
... to list a few!  (phew)... I think I'm a little bit bonkers sometimes, but I just keep getting other crafty ideas I want to try.  There will likely be a couple other surprises there too... so we hope to see you there - mark your calendars!
Creatively Crafting Crazily,
Mel :o)


small steps. big lessons.

 Wisdom comes in many forms.  And hindsight is 20/20 they say.  Gray hairs and wrinkled hands have much insight.  But my main 'sage' lately is my daughter... she reminds me to look at the world with fresh-eyed wonder once again...
 ...to take life one step at a time.
 ...to be amazed by the details.
...to know we're all on this journey together, and having someone that deeply loves you and holds your hand as you walk... is all the riches one needs.