A.musing.mama! 3.4

Ok, so this isn't so much a *funny* comic from our life.. as much as it's a sweet moment that I wanted to remember.

Because some days that girl can push our limits.
Some days she can feel like a bur clinging to my side the entire day... and even a trip to the bathroom is met with "whatcha doing mama?!"
Because some days she like to throw down - and in her dramatic tone cry that 'this is the worst day ever!!' and 'no one lets me do anything!!'.

So when she grabs a dandelion, puffs her lips into a kiss and blows with all her might, and then whispers: "I wish, I wish... with all my might, that we'd be a family forever" my heart glows.

Then I remember, she's our special treasure.
She delights in being a part of our family.
And, the reason she may cling like a bur is because she loves us all sooooo much!

Have a sweet weekend friends,
Mel ;o)
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turning over a new leaf:

 A fresh bouquet of lilacs.
A warm cup of coffee.
An open book.

These are the moments of sweet solitude and serenity I savour.
Now if any of you have been around this blog for a while (almost two years ago) you may remember that I had confessed to not reading books.... like, ever.
Maybe it was post-college book burnout, but I was never keen to pick up a book and read if I was afforded any *spare* time in the day.  Who has time to read?  I just wanted to craft, create, and post d.i.y's in the past.

But now I read... and read.
Thus, the creating is happening in my mind - new worlds, new thoughts, new perspectives!

I've been marinating a lot of my time in books about motherhood... my husband says it's a sign of reading to the point of 'saturation' on one topic when I start to find that all the books are saying the same thing to me.  Hmmm.  Moving on then.

I'm also re-reading some of my favourites about living a Christ-centered life.
The simple truths are the ones we need to be constantly reminded of it seems.
Maybe I should start posting book-reviews here, but for now.. here's a list with links to all the books I've been most enjoying over the past few months:

Motherhood (from a Christ-centered perspective):
* Christ in the Chaos. - Kim Crandall
* Surprised by Motherhood. - Lisa-Jo Baker
* Fit to Burst. - Rachel Jankovic
* Housewife Theologian.- Aimee Byrd

Christ centered living:
* Counsel from the Cross - Elyse Fitzpatrick/Dennis Johnson
* Broken-Down House - Paul David Tripp

....and a few more... that are all singing the same note: grace, grace, grace!  I keep thinking that every author is saying the same thing (no matter which book I happen to be in) so methinks this is the message God is trying to get through: nothing I ever did/or will do can change the great love He has lavished on me through His Son Jesus.
While the more I reflect on, and wonder at, that great love which took my place on the cross... the more I am inspired to live a life of gratitude and worship.

So there you have it,
this ol' dog can learn new tricks.
Or, I'm turning over a new leaf... well, many leaves actually.

Bookworm mama,
Mel ;o)



growing up(wards)...

Hello friends,

Things are getting a bit quiet around here since the rhythm of our days are pretty consumed with things like: playing out in the sun, reading books, visiting with friends, having meltdowns, nursing a baby...  that kind of stuff.
But today I wanted to post about the blessing of birthdays.
Because.. yeah, I just had another one recently.
Much like New Years' Eve... a birthday hits me with a tangible thoughtfulness.
A time of reflection over where I'm headed - and where I've been.

Can I just say that being in your thirties is awesome.
Sure, I'm not as young as I once was...
and the physical upheaval and 'let down' after three kids has put me in a whole new realm.
(Side-note: shopping for a new summer wardrobe is like a mine-field!)

But the real blessing of ageing is learning.
Or, 'growing in wisdom'.
Life deals so many highs and lows, so many blessings and woes, and as we navigate through them we are always changed.
Learning is a humbling thing, or, maybe one needs to be humble to learn.
 Either way, I think the biggest message being echoed over my heart this past year has been found in the blessing of brokenness.

It's that feeling of trying to 'unlearn' everything your world, and your heart has been preaching to you in your twenties: "look like you have it all together"
"confidence is key"  "self-sufficiency is where it's at".

I'll always remember a girl saying to me years ago that she was intimidated to be my friend because I looked like I 'had it all together'.  Maybe that said more about her than me... but since then I've always wanted to be more authentic.  (That's why I practise posting so many confessions on this blog).

I'm real.
I'm a real mess.

So being in my mid-thirties is awesome because I'm learning to trust my identity with the One Who made me.  In Christ alone my hope is found.
The more broken I am, the more His grace shines through.

I'm not justified by my performance.
I'm not condemned by my failures.

Because my identity is not focused on me.
(Well...that's the daily battle actually).
It's swallowed up in the LOVE of those Holy, hole-y hands that hold me.

"He must increase,
but I must decrease"
John 3:30

I am loved more than I can imagine, I am more broken than I can conceive.
All these truths intersect at the cross of Christ.

As I reflect on these things it's a very happy birthday to me indeed.
Growing upward.

Mel ;o)



A.musing.mama! 3.4

If you live within a forty-mile radius... and hear a blood-curdling scream, no worries, it's just our son with a tiny bug fluttering near his face.
Good grief, going to the park is an exercise in torture for the wee man.

Any tips for getting your kids to not fear a fly?
Also, our older daughter shrieks the street down when she spots a worm/caterpillar.
 So either way, going outside is an adventure!

Mel ;o)
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a park, a praise.

It's been a fun-family-friend packed weekend here and I hope yours is going well too!
One of our favourite things to do is take a hike through the 'woods'.
(You locals will recognise the park with the pagoda bridge).
We bumped Talia's stroller down the path... jolting and jerking it over the rocks.
While little Hudson likes to meander like molasses on a warm day.
Azriel skips along like a woodland sprite (as long as the reward of a 'picnic' or 'snack' is anticipated).  She borrowed my camera for a bit and eagerly went snap-happy wanting to "take pictures of all of God's creation!!"
That also meant 7 consecutive shots of the ground.
I spared you those pictures.
Being around nature is like the recharge button for our spirits.
Seeing the leaves budding with glowing greens.
Smelling the damp earth and the birth of blooms.
Squinting at the crystal kaleidoscope of sunlight off the river.
Birds chirping.
Bugs buzzing.
Sun glowing.
Sky blue'ing.

All things bright and beautiful,
all the praise of God's creation.

Where have you and yours been adventuring?

Mel ;o)


A.musing.mama! 3.3

The beauty and the blow-outs of babies.
And, on a real lucky day... she can do a three part chorus of: sneeze-burp-poop action.

Yes, parenthood is messy business.
It's a good thing they're so darn cute.

Happy weekend'ing friends!

Mel ;o)

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same hat, different day:

 2 months old now.
2 weeks old then.

Because that much cuteness is cruel to keep all to ourselves.
Our sweet cheeks is growing out of her newborn bonnet... the very same one that donned my head as a baby.
All together now: awwwwwwww.

Your daily dose of baby'ness goodness.
You're welcome. 

Mel ;o)


in pictures....

a weekend in pictures.
a getaway.
a family reunion.
sunscreen and sand and squint lines.
coffee and conversations and chocolates.
reading and relaxing and robots.
Overall, a happy mother's day weekend.
Though coming home from a getaway with kids is a bit exhausting... we almost need a holiday from the holiday... you know what I'm saying?

Hope your weekend was a loverly one friends!

Mel ;o)


how threes bees:

The most common question I get from people now - now that we have three kids - is:
"how do you do it?!"
Usually this comes from another mama, with one or two kids clawing at her shirt.
Usually it's asked with a tone of desperation and amazement.
As though I've found the cure for cancer.
As if having one more child than them has put me on the pinnacle of Mt.Everest.

I smile.
Because I get it.

I remember when we didn't have any kids.
Those people with even one baby were a strange marvel to me - "how do they do it?" I'd wonder.

Then we had our daughter.
Life tilted to a whole new axis around this wee wonder.
And then I'd look at people with two kids and marvel "how do they do it?".

Then we had our son.
We spiralled into a whole new orbit of craziness.
And then I'd look at people with three (or more) kids and think "they must be nuts!".

Because we always feel a bit over our heads as parents.
Like the under tow has pulled us much farther from where we thought we'd be.
Throw us one more child - and we'll likely all drown!

But every child is remarkably buoyant.
As our third child, (our second daughter), has taught me now.
 The third child is the gift of a fresh perspective.
Or, a 'coming up for air' if you will.

Because the first child is really just a wild blur of trying to figure out how to not completely 'screw up' this whole new parenting role.
And the second child is a compound of sleep-deprivation and desperation to just all 'get along'.
But the third child comes right at the moment when you start to get it.
'It' being that these children are growing way too fast.
That you just want to savour and delight in every crazy little moment of every day with them.
That you want to squeeze them just one more time before bed.
Read one more book.
Take one more look.

This baby.
This delight.

Yes, three is just as full as it was with one, or two.
 Full of the wonderful moments when you wish everyone in the world could just feel this love gushing from your heart to your child's.
Full of the crazy moments when you think you're heart has never been so full of evil and desperation.
Our tiny trinity.
Each so distinct, yet, each united in the love and blood that pulses through us all.
Each child is a new wave of affection crashing over this heart.
My cup runneth over.

Mel ;o)



two sweet...

She's celebrating her 'two month birthday' by conducting symphonies in her sleep.
Those delicate fingers dance through the air while her eyelids flutter to rest.
Then all is still.
All is quiet, but for the soft rapid snoring of her tiny frame.
And yes, I'm still absolutely ridiculously smitten with this newest addition to our nest.
In fact, all of us here are.
Big sister Azriel still acts like it's Christmas every morning - rushing up to her baby sister like she's the biggest present with a bow on top.  During the day she always wants to help me put Talia down for a nap saying "I'll pray and sing for her, Mama" and then she spontaneously blurts out the sweetest prayer thanking God for such a 'sweet baby sister...' and hums her rock-a-bye-baby.
Big brother Hudson is pretty fond of her now too, occasionally bringing over a soother to shove in her face or offering to "hold 'er?" any time I'm carrying her around.
And Ben - sweet Dad - has the brightest smile for his little girl.

Happy two months little lamb.

Mel ;o)


A.musing.mama! 3.2

every.conversation with my mama friends is like an Alzheimer's convention.

 Any train of thought is derailed within five minutes (which is usually about the time it takes for one of our children to have an epic meltdown about another friend "not sharing" one of the gazillion toys they've scattered across the floors).

I used to enjoy meaningful, uninterrupted conversations with my friends...
over coffee, that wasn't cold by the time I got to it.

 So dear friends,
those of you who are in the trenches as mamas and 'get' where I'm at, thank you.
Those of you who wonder why I'm in a continual fog with eyes drifting to look for kids in danger... I'm sorry you're feeling a bit unheard.
I'm listening, really.
Well, kind of.
Sorry... what were you saying?

Mel ;o)

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silly salad.

You should be glad I don't own a cell phone.. because I would be all Instagram'n this stuff up in your face.


Yeah.  So after spending what felt like an eternity at the chopping board:
hard boiled eggs
yellow pepper
I felt like I had created a masterpiece.
Which is rare, in the kitchen.
Because, usually 'salad' around here means throw a handful of croutons on lettuce and ceasar dressing.  Granted, the kids are big fans of taco salad... which I tried to pawn this meal off as:
"yeah, it's like your taco salad.. with eggs instead of nachos."

Three bites in and they weren't impressed.

So, as is often the case, I embrace my role as human goat and dig in.

Mel ;o)