away we went:

Well hello again.

For the two of you out there who may have thought we dropped off the inter-webs recently... well, we did.  This was our little family getaway.

A week of meeting new people (and large Dutch families!).
A week of hearing great messages and singing.
Of gorging on carbs and sugar... and drinking lots of coffee.
Little sleep, and lots of baby holding.
Exhaustion and encouragement.
Fun and fatigue.

The kids had a great time it seems.
Azriel was eagerly running up to kids and saying: "Do you want to be my best friend?!" and then they're all running off squealing and catching frogs.
Hudson stayed close, and liked playing with the water fountain.
Talia warmly smiled and cooed at all the people beaming down at her.

We survived another family vacation.
Now, Ben and I just want one to recover!

But, it's nice to be back in our nest,
Mel ;o)


  1. Yay! I looked for you everyday, since we got a brand new second hand computer!!!
    Wow the babies have grown some...
    Missed you muchly

  2. aww, I thought YOU had gone off the web for good.. lovely to have you back sweet mama! Yes, these babies just don't *obey* and stay tiny for me (and my back is feeling it now).. hope your lovely crew is keeping well? hugs!


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