thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #15 (D.I.Y)

 It's time for another (extra-fun) edition of taking something thrifty and re-fashioning it into something nifty, friends...  to the power of five!

 That's right, one large wool sweater - five creations!
Talk about a giving sweater...  sooo, here's the breakdown:

 1. Wool skirt: Cut the bottom off sweater - hem in the sides - make the bottom edge of sweater into the waist for the skirt - flip lace around the 'raw' bottom edge and sew (zig-zag for stretch).
Boom, baby.

 2. Toddler poncho... cosy cuteness with lace folded around the raw cut edge.

3. Mittens from the sweater wrist cuffs.
4. Toque (in progress) from one arm of the sweater.
5. Hot water bottle cosy from the other arm of the sweater.

Simple sweater-upcycling sweetness.
You may recall my previous pack o' projects from one ol' sweater here.

Cosy fun for everyone in your nest.
Happy upcycling, friends!

mel ;o)


  1. how my goodness! this is up cycling at its FINEST!!! LOVE LOVE IT! i could have used that hot water bottle cover a few weeks ago when it was practically part of my body....ouch.

  2. no way!!! look how much you got out of one sweater! nice!!!!

  3. oooh I loooove the skirt. I was thinking I wanted to make some skirts of that sort of length to layer over leggings, and you might have just inspired me:)

  4. My goodness you're creative. This is such a great idea. I love the poncho!! So adorable.

  5. thanks you - you're miss creative too! ;o) xx

  6. That's music to my ears Gilli - you're 'inspired'.. hope it works well for you! I made it for that exact purpose too.. having an option to wear with my tights/leggings/high boots! xx

  7. Fun times! Ben said it was like a 'cuts of a cow chart'.... haha.. I love to use every inch up. ;o)

  8. Glad you likey! You'll have the cosy for next time.. tho I hope you won't have a next time of back pain... you're all better now? Hope so. xx

  9. Boom baby, indeed! 5 things from one sweater? You are one amazing woman! ♥

  10. haha! Aww shucks you.... xx

  11. Wonderful idea and a great outcome !!!!


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