D.I.Y: upcycled rice bag ~ haversack.

 Yes friends, for the 'price of rice' you too, can have an upcycled messenger bag.
I wanted to make my guy Ben a new haversack.
(For as long as I've known him.. he's always wearing one to carry his gear around in).
They've been lost, stolen.. lost again.. so this time I wanted to keep it 'thrifty'.
So I, being such a hoarder environmentally conscious person... opted to upcycle:

1. Fold an empty burlap rice bag (zippered top 1/3 downward).
2. Slice across one side of the inner part of the bag. (this is the interior opening).
 3. Fold a spare piece of canvas to line this interior section.. sew up the sides.
4. Insert canvas pocket into the sliced opening... fold canvas edge over the split opening of the burlap bag and sew in place. (Make sure you've sewn closed the slice that opened the top third of your bag).
5. Slice two small holes on the back of the bag for both ends of a strap to be inserted into and sewn securely.
You're done!

As you can see.. that top flap become a secret pocket with the pre-existing zipper of the rice bag.
Another 'super fast. stupid easy' upcycling project.

You may recall that one way to 'use up' a lot of rice - if you're eager to just sew these bags now - is a toddler's play station.  Our daughter still loves using hers!

Happy upcycling, friends!
mel ;o)


  1. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! I adore this idea so much. I might have to give it a go. I'll first have to buy and eat a lot of rice, though. :) I hope Ben loved it.

  2. Haha! I can just picture you stuffing your face with rice to make this project! It may kill you to know that I was actually working on a second bag here to sell/giveaway on the blog - but having broken FOUR needles/thread in the process of making ben's I gave up!! (Remind me to buy a 'denim' needle next time.. sheeeeeesh). ;o)

  3. Genius!!!
    Its awesome and cool!
    Hope your Ben loves it too!

    I've also broken a good stash of needles on burlap (we call it hessian), and had to take a whole whack of antihistamines! But its such a beautifully earthy material but alas still itchy!


  4. Haha.. I don't even understand what this means.. you broke needle and needed antihistamines?! Ben said I needed a glass of wine after getting seriously 'frustrated' with the project! heh! But yes, he seems to like it just fine.. putting it to good use here. Thanks for popping in luv! xx

  5. This is such an awesome bag I want one! If Ben ever moves on to a different crafty bag you make him, tell him I want dibs on this one! ;)


  6. Mel, you are SO thrifty...and SO creative...it's really not fair!
    This is great!!
    It was lovely running into you the other day, I'd like more of that please!

  7. haha! Thanks SO much Carly.. you're hilarious. Seeing more of your purdy face would be lovely!

  8. Hmmmm.. we'll hafta chat about some rice bag options! ;o) Thanks Trisha. xx

  9. I think I need some wine too. Haha!!!

    That one time when I tried to work with burlap, every time I cut into it, it let go of a whole lot of fibres, so I was like a sneeze freak...hence the antihistamines.
    But yes recently I have been making no sense, so I think that some wine might set me straight.



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