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Happy New Year out there friends,

Today I thought I'd share with you a few Scriptural scribbles, some divine doodles... I've been putting on paper and pressing in my heart.
So I've been wondering if this would be the year to stop blogging (gasp).
Years ago I started it to showcase my creative productions and pursuits.
It was a place to connect with others (as a new mama) and know I wasn't alone in motherhood.
It keep me creative, like an accountability diary for the world... hehe.

As I'm growing older (and hopefully a smidgen wiser) I'm reassessing this space.
It's always been written from where my heart is at (another reason I never pursued advertising, for fear of writing what *they* wanted me to write).

Thankfully my heart is growing much fonder of Christ than clutter lately.
If I blog it will be much more about those delights, than other distractions.
I still love/need to create... but not in order to blog about it!

So, this new years focus:


If you like that kind of stuff.. stick around.
Thanks for being a sweet part of this space, friends.

Mel ;o)


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