craft'spiration: The Quiet Time book.

Hello lovelies!
Today I have a beautiful example of crafting GENIUS to share with you guys... so as you can imagine ~ it was not created by me.  My super skilled seamstress pal Jackleen put this amazing 'Quiet Time Book' together for her wee kids... and I kind of wanted to keep it and play with it all myself.

Check out her mad skills for detail here:
A tree: every leaf flap lifts to reveal a special critter or stitched flower!  A tent: zips open with a funny critter to tuck into the sleeping bag.  

Shoes: you can tie those laces repeatedly.  Car: finger puppet drivers to pull out on a string.
Balloons: snap on, snap off.  Rocket: slides up a ribbon to the planet.
Furry friends to chat with.
Peek-a-boo girl: magnets in hand/eyes!  Marble-maze: push a marble around the path.

I know right?!
I probably would have done one page and gotten overwhelmed.. but she whips off amazing creations all the time. (Yeah, including my wedding dress!).

Thanks for sharing your crafty inspiration here Jackie!

Hope you're all inspired,
mel ;o)


  1. Holy cow, that's so great! I am in awe of her mad skills! I want one for myself too :)

  2. OooooOOOOhh, I had a book like that when I was little and it was great! I used to love playing with it. What an great crafty talent!

  3. omg that is amazing!!! she is so talented. genius indeed. xo


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