tour the nest: bathroom makeover.

Well what do you know.. this preggo mama mustered up the hutzpah to repaint our bathroom this past week!  I thought it would be fun to show you the colour transformation here.
 If you recall from the past house (nest) tours, our bathroom used to be a dramatic dark brown.
Throughout our house, you'll know that I am a fan of COLOUR.  In fact, I would never have considered myself someone who could go 'grey' or 'off-white' with wall colours... but I'm happily shocked pleased with this soothing result.  Granted, I still plan to paint that brown high chair a wild turquoise real soon.... muahahah).

The wall paint is Benjamin Moore's OC-28 colour named Collingwood.
(side-note: working for Benjamin Moore... I get to see first hand how every.body.and.their.dog is buying GREY paint nowadays!)  I don't usually follow 'trend colours' but this transformation was worth the sell out. ;o)
And yes, the built in soap holder is still a perch for my bird's nests.. and pottered birdie I made.

Our daughter gushed with delight at the "beautiful painting" and the "pretty smell" of the Aura Bath and Spa collection I was using... she's funny like that.

Our retinas are still getting used to how BRIGHT it is when we stumble in there first thing in the morning... but overall, a fresh makeover for our growing nest!

Any home reno's/decor on your horizon?

Mel ;o)


  1. Nice! It looks great, Mel. Well done!
    I feel like we've been living in mid-renovation for months. One of these days we'll get a room finished!

  2. A painting project???!!! You're putting me to shame! Considering that this weekend I mustered the courage to....eat and be a gigantic whale in the pool. I'm in awe, lady! The bathroom looks great! Well done!

  3. hahaha, yes - I had to roll with it while I felt so inspired/energized.. since those qualities are rare around here!! ;o) thanks!


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