Confessions (of a mama) part.17.

Ok, last post about being pregnant.... like, ever.  I think.
Because I'm hitting the 39 weeks mark, which means I'm almost at 10 months pregnant (yeah, who says 9 months.. because, really?!... no.).

And, I'm ready.

Which seems like a loaded statement.
But for once, I'm feeling totally psyched for this whole labour and deliver out your prize experience.

(Last night I thought I was even maybe starting in to things with some fun cramping.. and got so full of adrenaline about the thought of it being 'go time' that I was shaking.
Of course, nothing in the end).
But I'm really eager and excited and delighted about the thought of holding this little girl soooon!  The fears I had before about 'not knowing how we can handle another' or 'how do I even do this baby thing again' have been replaced with a peace and joy about embracing all that craziness again.  We'll call that a spiritual makeover since I couldn't muster that up myself.
Sure, I still feel like I don't know how to handle our *epic* emotional erupting 4 year old most days... and our sweet 2 year old is discovering how to throw it down in his own way now... but I'm ready for a baby!

Maybe the toddler stage is what's getting me all the more eager for a wee lil' darling...

Because some days parenting tends to feel like you're running up a downward escalator, or playing an endless game of whack-a-mole at the carnival.  The messes, the tantrums, the downright crazy chaos of the moments.
But when the day is done, and those little ones snuggle in and want one last hug and kiss... and think: I don't want to miss this...  because I will. miss. this. when they are grown and gone.

And it's then that the toddler stage is what's getting me all the more eager for a wee lil' darling... because I now see how quickly they grow, and I want one more chance to savour that tiny bundle of crazy//love.

mama Mel ;o)



  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I've totally been enjoying Eden so much. One more little baby to snuggle. One last little one who needs you completely and is so delighted with every new thing she sees or hears. It's such a wonderful blessing to see things again like a child does.
    Although, I'm pretty much going on no sleep. I don't know how I'm functioning.
    But we are thinking of you guys and praying that it will be soon, that everything would go smoothly, and that you and baby would be well.
    Lots of love from the Jeromes!

  2. Aww Cristi, glad you're managing to savour some sweetness despite the sleeplessness... that's some unique kind of torture isn't it? Wish we were closer so I could steal the sweeties away and give you a few extra zzzzz's! Hugs, friend. xX

  3. i am ready for you!! lol i know what you mean about the toddler stage... but i am good with that myself. but, i am eager to meet your new little bundle of love. and i agree with you and i always say that pregnancy is 10 months, not 9. all the luck and best!! xx

  4. heheh - glad you're ready! ;o) I'm eager to post the update whenever she decides to make an appearance here!! xx

  5. It's crazy that nine (ten) months have already passed. You look so adorable as a pregnant lady. But, I can understand why would want to ditch this phase and move into the next. Good luck with your new little girl. I can't wait to see pictures of her chubby little face. :)

  6. aww thanks sweets, eager to show her face too.. lol! I should've *linked* up with your colour pop post... I'm colour and baby POP! ;o)


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