D.I.Y: ombre painted dresser.

 Hello lovelies,

I know you've already seen our kid's room in past posts... but here's the latest addition to the room (no, we're still waiting for the baby to arrive!).  That dresser on the left I painted up this weekend.... you know, just nesting like mad around here.

We thrifted it recently to jam full of our son's clothing (and take the pressure off the closet that was bulging with baby clothes in diaper boxes).  It was a glossy oil cream colour with lots of chipped areas down to the dark wood.

Step 1: Super-adherent primer.
Light sanding, wipe down.

Step 2: I painted the sides/top in a glossy "Cloud White".

Step 3: Take three progressively darker tones of a colour - in this case - green.
Top drawer is the lightest tone.
Second drawer is a mix of the middle tone with the lightest.
Third drawer is the middle tone.
Four is a mix of middle tone with the darkest shade.
Last/bottom drawer is the darkest green.

(Step 4: I added a quick nature element of white stripes as 'birch trees' using the hard handle tip of the brush to then scratch out some textural details in to  the trees).

This house is officially ready and waiting for our next new addition!

Nesting mama,
Mel ;o)  


  1. This is adorable! Awesome work nesty mama! Now that you're all ready, I bet that bebe is on his or her way any time now:)

  2. Looks great, Mel! The dresser and the room! <3

    1. Aw, man! I've got to stop lending, John, my phone! Lol!
      I love the dresser and the room!

  3. HAHA 'her' eh? Says the mama who doesn't want another boy hellion running around in a year or two ? :P

  4. ha, I'd gladly take either.. but we cheated and found out! ;o)

  5. Ooh cheaters :) Super exciting though, yay! I will have to plan a trip to Peterborough not on a holiday one of these days soon :)

  6. nicely done my friend! nicely done! does he like it?

  7. thanks bunches! Um, sure he does...? lol.. his 2yr. sense of interior design is still being developed. ;o)


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