The wonder years...

Yeah, they're cool like that.

I'm not sure how much credit we can take for these two characters... a four year old and two year old who are packed full of zaniness and zip!

Parenting seems packed with those 'surreal' moments when you look at your offspring and go:
"woah... we made those little humans!".
I wonder when the reality of all .. this... truly sinks in.
Is it when they have their first day of school?
Or, when they give their first speech or science project?
When they graduate?
Maybe when they ask for the keys to the car?
Or, when they tell you they want to marry that special soul?
When they announce you'll be a grandparent?
I don't know, maybe this surreal wonder is part of the parenting journey through each step.
But I'm sure blessed to be a part of it.

Mel ;o)

*P.S... annnnnd, yes we are still waiting for this new bundle that's still happy to keep brewing in my belly - overdue as usual!

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