A.musing.mama! 2.7

Guaranteed, with any 'public display of affection' between the Mama and the Daddy here... there's instantly an attack of little cling-on's vying for more snuggles.
I can remember our Golden Retriever dog doing the same thing when we were kids... always wedging her nose between any one who was hugging.
Meanwhile, if we kids saw our folks sharing a moment.. we'd stick out our tongues, fake gagging and holler "Ewwwwwww... gross!"

So, it's ValentinesWhoopity-dee... I wasn't expecting much to happen around here since we had a nice lunch date earlier this week.  But that kind man brought me home flowers (Lillies... since "you hate roses" he said).  I made up some heart-shaped pancakes with whip cream and strawberries... so yeah, we still got it I guess.  ;o)

If you have a partner in your nest, I hope it doesn't take one day of the year to remember why you first fell for them.  I hope you still find time to savour those moments together that bind your heart and souls as one.

As a home gets fuller it can seem harder to find real time together.
It can be tough to not see your man as one more person 'needing' you and your affections.
It can be tempting to throw the kids at him when he returns home... instead of yourself.

Here's hoping you still find yourself 'love attacking' your special someone today!

Mel ;o)

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  1. This is so cute. I bet it will only be a short while before the kids are sticking out their tongues and telling you guys you're gross!! That is definitely a phase we all go through!


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