It's official:

finally!  The FIRST photograph of all five members in our nest!
talia + grandma... two lovely ladies in my life.
"we're the GIRLS side!" - Azriel.
Always our little clown.
Well it's about time.  Our newest addition is almost 4months old... and we finally managed to get a 'family shot' of us all together.  Which also means that I got to do a bit of updating with the blog here ----------> new family picture/new header.  Wheeeee.

Hope this week is treating you well out there?  Our crew is just getting over a crazy bout of head colds that kindly plagued us for the holiday weekend.
Nothing like being sick to make you appreciate when you're healthy.

I think that's a metaphor for life...

I'll save the profundities for another post.  This one's just a quick share of all the cuteness going on in this nest, I'm a blessed wife/mama/daughter!

Have a beauty day friends,

Mel ;o)
*P.S: If you're new here, and are unaware of that little camera trick to illuminate people in front of a bright window... I blogged about it HERE*


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