the making of Marigold:

It was a perfectly drizzly gray morning to whip up a sewing project today.
While the boys were out, and the babe slept... Azriel and I dove into my sewing corner and made this fun dolly.

The perks of being a 'craft hoarder' is that all you need is at your fingertips!
After a very fast sketch of what she wanted her doll to look like, I let her pick through my fabrics to decide which would *match* her drawing.

Obviously I did not have purple yarn on hand.. so she's an orange head. 

We've decided to call her Marigold.
Sewing with kids is really frantic fun.  You can talk to them about the importance of "patience" and "hard work" to get a good result.  The joys of creating instead of buying toys.
You just need to let go of the quality control in favour of quality time with your kiddo.

I think she turned out pretty sweet for a couple hours of cutting/stuffing/sewing/painting.  It was getting tough to do the final stitches when Azriel just kept hugging me and squealing "Oh mama, she's just SOOOOOO beautiful!!!"

win. win. 

(And yes, I totally was thinking of this website while we brought her drawing to life!)

Have a creative day friends,
Mel ;o)



  1. LOVE this! Sooooo cute! Made me smile so much! :) Way to go crafty Momma!

  2. when i just whip up a doll on a cloudy day, I am positive pigs will be flying in the clouds. this is so cute/adorable/ridiculously crafty. you are an amazing mama and crafter!!!!!

  3. aww thanks, glad she brightened your day too!! ;o)

  4. bahahaahhaaaaha.... ha!! And I blush, thanks lovely. xx

  5. You are such an amazing mother artist designer xoxox I could hear Azi squeeling as I read this!


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