a walk. a wreath.

:another family tradition:

The annual hike to collect cedar and nature's supplies to create a rustic wreath together.

 A beauty-full weekend indeed!

Mel ;o)



  1. I bet that smells SO GOOD. G and I are definitely going to do this -- we helped friends carry home a tree/wreath the other day and now all I can think about is that delicious smell!

  2. I saw that pic.. Meagh's tree? ;o) It DID smell good while making the wreath.. but not much can fight the odour of our shoes all piled within the doorstep... lol! ;o)

  3. You bet! We went to see Meagh and Claire and the rest of the crew this weekend and it was wonderful! :) I need more pine and balsam scented things in my life! (Right now we DO have a candle burning though!)

  4. that came out great!! and what a beautiful place to take a walk to... xx


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