There are days I just want to turn our living room in to an arts/craft studio.
Most days it looks like one regardless.
Paints, glue, fabrics, sewing, markers, paper... helter skelter.

We kind of love it. (Right, husband.. right??)

So lately it's been crafting mini angel ornaments out of found supplies.
Painting landscapes across canvases.
Colouring paper wreaths.. and of course.. more ornaments (our Christmas tree is going to be the weirdest mash up of curious scribbles this year).

And.. more ornaments.
Yep, as I am prone to suffer from the 'bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew' style.. I thought I would just simply 'whip' up these new ornaments from the Jesse Tree breakdown in Ann Voskamp's newly released book for this Christmas season.

I only have a few left to finish... only a few left... breathe.

For those of you wondering who/what the heck this 'Jesse tree' talk is all about: each ornament covers a specific story from the Bible (Old Testament) and shows how they all point to the coming of Christ... a 25 day countdown to Christmas!

Now you know,
keep it creative friends,

Mel ;o)

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