... a rambly note:

(Credit: our talented pal Chance Faulkner Photography)
I guess now is as good a time as any to dust off the cobwebs in this corner of the inter-webs.
You may have guessed that I had lost my will to write as of late... but in reality I have had many blogs fluttering around the caverns of my brain.  I just have spent my time on other passions than putting these to paper screen (?).

To be honest, I'm still struggling with keeping this blog even a thing.  I love to use it as a space to inspire or encourage... but it also runs the trap of being a vanity parade for myself.
Like, 'woo, looook at me' and 'hear my thoughts' and 'aren't I profound'.... kind of weirdness.
I like to run as far from that kind of stuff as I can (although getting away from my own head is a real trick).  So there it is, to blog or not to blog...

I also don't feel like the same person that started this space.
Or, the passions that filled this place have become more 'secondary' feeling than all consuming, you could say.  So, if you are here, you are getting my heart.
A heart that desires more of Christ, and less of me.

Maybe I could tell you more about that next time?
Secret confessions of a re-converted convert.. or, something like that.

Alright, the chili is steaming up the house.  The monitor tells me that baby #3 is having her afternoon nap.  The boy just spilled beads and rice all over the floor.  We need to pack up and get big sister off the school bus soon....  here we go!

Thanks for popping in, and patiently waiting me out,
Mel ;o)  


  1. I understand... I gave up a blog u used to drop by to (a wonderful life in full frame)... that little blog was quite short lived really, but when it began it served a positive purpose in my heart. But I also knew when I didn't feel it anymore. Life is a journey and some things will stay with us forever and some things don't right? Back then u had one little one, I had four... now you have three sweet ones in your nest. Life changes, hearts re-evaluate and priorities shift taking us in all different directions... you are so not the same person that started your blog those years ago... u were a wonderful u back then and now u r a wonderful u now. I never felt that you were all look at me... I enjoyed reading your thoughts... it made me take pause and think about something deeper, or perhaps gave me some light heartedness remembering my life with really little children. I do understand what you are saying though as I too felt that way sometimes when blogging. Whichever decision you make will be the right one. Trust your heart. Thank-you for being a place I could drop in from time to time and catch up with you and your goings on... I truly have enjoyed reading.

  2. Oh you sweet mama - you are such a bright spot in this world of blogging, and thanks so much for the kindness to comment and encourage in these ways. I do hope your crew is keeping well over there? I'd like to think this blog could/would morph with me - since it's from me... but whether I find it helpful... or even find time for it, we'll see ;o) xx I've truly enjoyed having you here either way!


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