small style(s)...

 How do you measure the passage of time?
How do you notice the moments of the day as they shake out their wings and fly away?
For me, it's that bittersweet event when I pack up more of the kid's clothes that are suddenly  'too small'.

I went to put this dapper corduroy mushroom-button jacket (Gymboree) on Hudson the other day and realised the sleeves were already up to his elbows!  Sigh!

 Thankfully, there was this bigger mushroom jacket (Gymboree) ready and waiting from his sister's stash.
What a fun(gi) guy, eh?

 Speaking of growing too fast.. our big Hud' is already 9 months somehow!  
His big sister Azriel is going to be 3 in a couple weeks too..  good grief.
(Annnnnd, there's only five pounds difference between them)!

*Which means they make for a good chunk of cuddles around this nest.*

Just today, as my daughter and I were joking about who loved who "soooooo much more",
she then looked at Hudson and said:
"I love my brother too much".

You, and me both, girl.
This pink & blue duo are wearing thrifted/gifted/hand-me-down combinations (as usual).
Linking up with the other cuties of Small Style today.

I should probably go shop for another bigger mushroom coat now,
Mel ;o)


  1. so sweet. it's fun to see the little moments being enjoyed so much, sometimes the "growing up" and having babies seems just so overwhelming. but i look forward to it, esp reading a post like this =)

  2. Love the argyle! I got one of those Gymboree mushroom coats on sale last spring. Can't wait 'til my little guy is big enough to fit. They do grow up so fast!

  3. The Scribble Pad18 October 2012 at 11:24

    I know I have been away too long when I am afraid to say, "Love your new blog layout!" because it might not actually be new! Ha. Either way, it is super cute.

    Also, I cannot believe Azriel is almost three. Have we really been doing small style together for that long? The birthday girl should get her mama to enter this giveaway for some brand spanking new hair clips (wink, wink): http://www.thescribblepadblog.com/2012/10/giveaway-caterpillar-head-hair-clips.html

  4. they are too cute!! putting away Lily's clothes that didn't fit anymore used to always make me cry. funny enough we just did some of that today and i was ok...

  5. awww... I definitely am feeling more sentimental with this guy's stuff as it passes - because he's the 'last one' (we're thinking).... so it feels like the read END of each stage. gulp! Thanks for coming by mama! ;o)

  6. hehe, HELLO beautiful stranger! Thanks, I am happy with how the header turned out too! And yes, she's getting toooo big too fast! Much like Behr I'm sure! ;o)

  7. Hey there Sarah, thanks for popping in - nice to meet you - and your guys there! I LOVE these coats, they're adorable eh? ;o)

  8. Aww, that's sweet of YOU to say, thanks. I hope you get both the romance and the reality of children from this blog... having kids = the wildest roller coaster out there! ;o)

  9. I love your kids style and outfits!


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