Talia's birth story:

Alrighty friends, while I still have a few mama brain cells left firing.. I thought I better write down what I remember of our new Talia's delivery story.

For those of you who recall our oldest daughter Azriel's birth story, and our son's Hudson's delivery... you'll find that this baby was a whole new experience!

I guess every birth is completely unique - much like the soul it delivers to the world.

Unlike her older siblings, she did not have to be induced!  This was my biggest wish/prayer for this time around... I sooo wanted to experience a 'normal' and 'natural' labour.  My midwives were seeking to help me along with that wish by doing a number of 'encouragements' the week before (just imagine being a puppet for someone... yeah, that).

Ok, so last Tuesday afternoon (Mar.4th) I was starting to get some easy, occasional contractions.  Nothing alarming, and I had been experiencing those throughout the past week.
I opted for some delicious Thai food that night for dinner... as a consolation prize for going overdue and all.  By the evening my contractions seemed to be acting more 'legit' (picture your stomach pushing itself out as far across the room as possible).  I still figured it was baby 'crying wolf'... and opted to have a bath to either: make the contractions stop - or, prove this was really beginning for me.
By 9pm I decided to 'sleep it off'... popped a Gravol and a Tylenol (as recommended by the midwives) and attempted to sleep.
No dice.
These contractions were still only lasting ten seconds.. but they were strong enough to keep me awake.

By 9:30pm I discovered that my water was breaking.. "well maybe this actually is happening" I thought!
At 10:30pm I called my second midwife (having already told my primary to 'take the night off I'm likely not going to be in labour'!) and asked if I should meet her at the hospital.  Being 'strep B' means they want to monitor you if your water has broken... so I figured I may as well head there while labour still seemed manageable.
 The drive to hospital suddenly had me contracting every five minutes.
I waddled into the Emergency room and was ushered up to the birthing floor, still in good spirits.

11pm My husband Ben and I got settled in to the birthing room, and when my midwife arrived I told her I just wanted to stay in the bathroom!  That desire to 'push' could indicate a baby, not a poop - is their common response.  She examined me and discovered I was already 6-7cm dilated!
What the what?!

Contractions started to build fast and furious, and barely any reprieve between them then.
I felt a bit frantic.. like a headless chicken trying to find the 'sweet spot' to labour in... on my knees on the bed, bouncing on the yoga ball.  I hugged my favourite pillow and stuffed my face in to it to moan through each contraction.
At this point I was thinking "natural contractions shouldn't feel this intense... do I have to do this for hours?!".

I commented to my midwife that I wished I hadn't told my primary to go 'off call' tonight.  She's been at our previous kid's deliveries and has such a calming presence for me.
The midwife smiled and said "I actually paged her, and she's already on her way"... what a kindness - what a delight!
She came in the room around 11:45pm... and I think our baby knew it - I started wanting to push!
Back up on the bed, on my knees, facing the back of the bed... I started into 8 minutes of pushing.
12:13am I felt the head descend - I breathed... and allowed her to slip out as a screaming beauty into the world.  I flipped over and they put her on my chest. She began nursing while the wonderful midwives took care of every thing else - and helped me cut her cord.

After a quick shower I felt energised and ready to go home.. but stayed overnight at the hospital to be monitored.  

Talia Grace was tucked in beside me the entire night.
My heart was bursting with gratitude and delight.
Thanking God for such a fast, safe delivery.
Oh those wrinkly newborn fingers and toes... she must have thought it was a rough night.
Our lil' super baby!
She's such a sweet addition to our nest here.
Her older sister is smothering her in affection, while her brother seems fairly indifferent.
From the get go she's been amazingly alert and attentive to her surroundings.. so, you know, she's likely a genius.

Again, thanks for all your warm celebration with us friends.

Special thanks to my wonderful midwife Care ~ who's gentle voice and reassuring encouragements have helped me deliver all three of our kids.

We are feeling very blessed and thankful for all these wee wonders that God has graced our life with!

mama Mel ;o)


  1. She's beautiful! Congratulations once again.

  2. I'm so glad to read that everything went smoothly and that she was kind to you on the way out. ;)
    She's really cute! Good luck holding on to those brain cells. xoxo

  3. Amazing birth story Mel. Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations to you and your family!

  4. Agreed! heh, thanks again! ;o)

  5. Thank you bud, she was and is kind to us here... a real delight!

  6. Hey there elycia - nice of you to stop by the nest, thank you for the congrats - hope your lil' man is treating you well too!

  7. What a lovely birth story and a lovely baby! Congratulations to you and your perfect little family!

  8. Wow!
    Amazing Story.
    My prayer for both my Boys was too have natural birth; sadly that was not the case, God did allow me to have Midwives as my Primary care, and was so blessed when they were present at both their Births (both emergency C/S). Still praying for future natural births though.
    Much Love


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