That moment...

...when you see your four year old daughter sweetly 'reading' a book to your newborn daughter...
...and you realise there's no where else in the world you'd rather be.
Happy weekend'ing friends!
What are you all up to?
If we're really feeling ambitious we may partake of the local Maple syrup festivities... nothing beats twirling hot syrup off the snow into an instant sticky lollipop of sweetness!

Mel ;o)


  1. i can't get over how teeny tiny she is!!

    have a great weekend! i'm stuck instead - will be working some OT and then working on business stuff - May markets will be here sooner than you know!


  2. Hey Trisha - great to hear from you lady - thanks for popping in! Yes, she is our teeny tiny burrito of cuteness... now she's 8lbs 5oz as she 'packs it on' here. ;o) So you're cranking up for market season again eh? Good for you - good luck! xx

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of baby Tahlia! She is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing pics and stories. I hope you are all settling into life as a family of 5 and getting some sleep.

  4. amazing. they are so going to be besties. love that she totally took part in the sewing project too. you go mama. i don't know how you do it, but you do it!! xx

  5. Besties indeed! lol.. having a great hubby around often.. and a good napping babe keeps crafty things happening! ;o) xx

  6. thanks very much! It's a wild, wonderful ride as 5... feeling blessed!


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