bliss + blessing...

 curled little fingers
tender little toes
tiny tendrils
unfurling to her new world.

holding each moment
letting them go
each wave of love
deepens this ocean of my heart.


Can you tell I'm feeling a bit blissed out here friends?
I want to savour every second, knowing how quickly they flit and flutter away.
Maybe it's the warmth of the sun.
The doves out the window building their nest.
The delight of our children's giggles.
The support of my Ben's presence.
The ease of this newborn's arrival.
All is good right now.

Real good.

Especially knowing that days will still be crazy.
Still be chaotic.
Still stretch me past my strength.

For now, in this moment, I take these beautiful gifts and hold them with joy.
And, as I see them all pointing to the Giver of all good things... my joy is exponentially deepened to worship.
Thankfulness, gratitude ~ the heart of worship.

In hard days and delightful days, God's beauty shines the same.
 Feasting on that divine presence makes every.thing, all.things glow with wonder.

The laundry.
The suckling babe.
The dirty dishes.
The threading of sewing machine.
Can all become instruments of praise.
 When the heart is tuned right.
Turned right.
To the Light.

Walking on sunshine.
Taking off my shoes,
it's holy ground.

Mel ;o)


  1. i am so happy for all of you. and you my friend, sound wonderful. and blessed. enjoy every second. xx

  2. "blessed be Your name...." I love the gift you have been given to paint such beautiful word pictures for His glory. It was great to see you all for a quick peep; thanks for opening the door!

  3. Thata girl... you are living it! So happy for you all.


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