My biggest regret:

I know, I know... this is no longer a 'crafty/creative/d.i.y' themed blog anymore...
this is all mama - all the time - isn't it?

I'm ok with that.
It's the season of life I'm in, and I'm lovin' it.

Because the crazy thing is... that creative side of me would never have guessed that this 'mama' side of me existed a few years ago.
As an artist - my passion was all consuming, and I couldn't imagine how I would ever have such a thrill from little messy munchkins running around my home.

You may recall that post a long time ago about how my guy and I never ever planned to pursue having kids (though I had visions of a home filled with teenage foster kids).

You may also remember the more recent post about discovering that this latest 'surprise baby' was going to be added to our nest.

And you know what I regret most?
I regret that I thought we would regret having this new baby.
I regret that I ever thought having any kids would be a hassle.

I regret that I was so cynical about the precious value of a soul.


Now I couldn't imagine our family without this sweet new daughter in it.
Now, I don't live with regret... but I rejoice.
I hold these souls with gratitude.
Thankful that God would bless us with them.
Grateful that they fill our home and hearts.

mama Mel ;o)


  1. RocĂ­o L. Kater25 March 2014 at 19:36

    So beautiful,
    God is the only one who can pour our hearts with that unique love for our children.
    Congratulations for your new arrival btw!

  2. Thanks Rocio - and yes, that Father's love has a beautiful way of overflowing our cups doesn't it? ;o)


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