A.musing.mama! 2.8

Now that I'm officially overdue... this is what a normal day feels like.
Pregnancy purgatory phase is in full effect.

Wailing whale'ing mama,
Mel ;o) 

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  1. Lena B, Actually1 March 2014 at 12:58

    Haha!! This is great... sorry to hear you're at this point! I was about a week overdue for both... the end is so hard!! Hang in there!

  2. Hey there Lena - thanks for popping in! Yes, I'm popping out.. but have a history of slow hatchers here... the first two kids were induced at the two weeks over limit too... Lord I'm just hoping for one *natural* start up with this baby! ;o)

  3. Was just thinking of you so dropped on over... and as of yesterday anyway you are still without babe in arms. Hummmmmm. At this point you already know all the tricks, which never worked for me although even the fourth time around hubby convinced me that we should try... lol. What every mamawhale wants right? I am thinking baby is smart and knows we are having ridiculous COLD windchill temperatures so why leave his warm nest? Really, would you want to? Wishing you a beautiful delivery whenever it happens. You are in my thoughts and I know you are going to do wonderfully!!! Can't wait to hear the news. (((HUGS))) sweet mama.

  4. Aww, thanks for checking in Danielle - lovely to hear from you! You're SO right... I've been attempting some 'encouragements' for this girl to get moving - but am skeptical of any really working unless she's *ready* any way! Yes.. TOO cold, she's a smart one in there.. but this week better be her arrival - we'll keep you posted! Stay cozy over there. xx

  5. Well I was pretty much you 9 years ago (our third... our girl will be 9 on the 10th of the month... where did that time go!?!). She was overdue and I sat 4 cm dilated forevah! lol. Then she arrived sunnyside up making her first grand entrance so to speak. Maybe you will have a babe with the same birthday... not that we want you to have to wait so long (another week ekkkk). Take this time and rest as much as you can... spoil yourself, thrift one last time, stock the fridge, take a bath BY YOURSELF, read, spin some vinyl and dance, and then sleep some more. Stockpile as much zzzzzzz's as possible with 2 little ones in the mix. Life is so good and about to get even better! Such an exciting time.

  6. You're such an encouragement, thanks for those positive thoughts! I am much more relaxed this time around - and somehow energetic enough to keep the house clean 'ready' and relax too - so that's been nice! Too wild about your 9yr old too... I guess they will share a b-day if i HAVE to be induced (on the 10th!). xx


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