monster-sized love:

 I've been dusting off the sewing machine lately... (feeling back to my ol' creative self again after 10 months of baby-brewing).  During this 'babymoon' I still wanted the other kids to have some special quality time with mama... so, daughter Azriel and I attempted her first real sewing project:

A monster doll!

She chose the project (because we don't do patterns here), the fabrics, the buttons, the shapes/sizes of each part.
She helped me guide the fabric through the machine, stuffed the parts with fluff, and even did all the hand stitching.

It was pretty special sewing together, seeing her patience and eagerness to stick with this project over a few days.

Then watching with delight as she sweetly declared that she had made it for her new sister, because she 'loves her!'.
The same reason I've created so many things for our kids over the years...
...a monster sized love.

Talia is a mix of shock and awe...

crafting with joy,
Mel ;o)

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