Hello friends!

Many of you have been wondering how our oldest is doing with her big first year of attending school (s/k).  I think... pretty good?

She's been eager to go most days.  I haven't cried anymore!  She comes home exhausted, but non-stop talking.  Her back pack filled with little sketches, tiny rocks and smelly socks.
It's still taking me time to find our new 'rhythm' around the house.
The days feel all chopped up with getting Azriel ready to go in the mornings... and hiking over to the school to get her in the afternoons, but we're rolling with it.

Hudson is enjoying extra time with mama I think.
I kind of follow him around... saying things like "potty?" or.. "want to play?".

Talia is still the sweetest little lamb.
She's been keeping us up a lot in the nights... but the days of cuteness make up for it.

So yeah, our family is rolling with the new schedules around here.
We actually requested to keep our girl home on wednesdays, to better pace out this full time school wildness.  It's great to have her around - craziness and all!

I still feel like that's the ideal solution to our whole homeschool vs. school conflict... to send her part-time (forever!).  hehe.

Thanks for wondering how our crew is doing,
hope your world is spinning well.

Mel ;o)

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