D.I.Y ~ encouragement.

This post has been on my heart for a long time now.
It's been brimming like a flood of words within me, and I fear if I just turn the tap, I'll drown us all in it's deluge.  But for what it's worth, here's my heart.

There are days when I look around me and see so much beauty I feel I could burst with joy.
Those days are lovely.
But, there are also days when I see so much brokenness in this world, I feel I could bust.
I see the discouragement that has worn deep lines into the faces of people I love.
I see broken marriages, people struggling with finances (and poverty), and losses that tear people at their core.
It's like a house fire of the heart.
The discouragement that's slowly smouldering inside, and only those who really know you can smell the smoke.

And I feel the weight of it.
A burden within me to rush in and rescue.
The desire to help, but the inability to save.
I only hold a tear dropper to the blaze before me.
When I look at this broken, hurting world and I just want to love it all back together again... I am overwhelmed.  Where do I start?

Then I look here.
The pages of healing.
The Word made flesh.
The Christ Who wrapped Himself in our brokenness, our suffering, our sin... so that we may be wrapped in His righteousness, His beauty, His perfection.

I read:
"Encourage/exhort one another every day... that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin"
Hebrews 3:13

It strikes me that we who live through Jesus carry a heavy responsibility here.
We are called to encourage every day... being used by God to help keep others hearts soft.
Do we do that?

Maybe our first problem is that we're so stuck in our own heads to notice other people are hurting around us.  Maybe we don't even know how to encourage...?
Encouragement is not just tossing someone a compliment.
Saying: "I like your hairstyle" is not going to strengthen someone.
"How can I pray for you?" may be a better place to start.

The only true HOPE, the bedrock that a drowning friend in the faith needs... is to be pointed to Christ.  You can't save them.
You need to get out of the way.  

But you can love them.
Encourage them.
Pray for them.

Write a letter.
Drop off a coffee.
Share a meal.
Shut up and just listen.
Hug without words.

Do It Yourself: Encouragement.
A free gift you can lavish on every one around you.

Thanks for hearing me gush,
Mel ;o)




  1. Love this- being used by God to help keep others hearts soft.

  2. Excellent. Speaking of sharing a meal, am I sharing a meal with you tomorrow or did you make other plans?

  3. Ooh yes please, would be lovely to see you again! xx

  4. thanks friend. How will we see each other again soon??

  5. You're just a lovely heart!

  6. Very kind of you to say dear heart, thankfully God who sees deeper loves me despite what's not so lovely in it. ;o) xx


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