first day of school: ready... or, not.

 Our faces couldn't be more different looking right now.
Hers is beaming with the delight and eagerness of the 'first day of school'!
Mine is red-eyed and sniffling.

I didn't plan on being a hot mess.
I also wasn't planning on rushing her to school today.
We thought she would transition in later this week (when we got all her registration sorted).
I sipped my coffee this morning, watching all the buses and children heading to school, and was glad to still have our girl close by.
9:45, the phone rings, the school says she's *supposed* to be there today after all!
(Add this blunder to the growing list of disorganisation we've had so far).
So, after a five minute blathering blur of chaos and crying (me) and squealing with delight (her) she was suddenly being whisked off today.
As you can see in the official 'first-day-of-school' photo.. she couldn't be more thrilled to go.
Little brother Hudson sweetly snuggled with me on the couch as the house grew very quiet.

A new chapter for our family has begun.
Ready, or not.

For those of you who remember my rantings last year about deciding to school or homeschool, you'll know this is a big deal for us.

There were lots of questions in our mind (and still are) about which option is best for our girl.
For now, this is a trial year to see how we all roll with it.

We've chosen a nearby Catholic school, happy to connect with friends and neighbours who attend there.  Comforted by the fact that the school recognises God in their teaching, but convicted that we are still the primary teachers at home.

I sent her with a 'secret mission' today.  I told her to have 'special eyes' that look for other kids who are alone, scared or sad ...and offer to be their friend.

I said, "remember what your name means: Azriel - God is my help.  Ruth - Friend.
By God's help, be a good friend to those who need it today".

She saw the tears trying to hold back, she gave me her most mature four-going-on-fourteen look and said: "don't worry Mama, I'll be home soon".

The rain is pouring down now,  God knows it probably matches the tears shed by many parents today.

Life is this continual ebb and flow.
Holding and letting go.

Mel ;o)




  1. what a good mom you are Mel - sending her out to be a friend to the scared and less confident. A little girl but a big light in the world, if she's anything like her mama!

  2. aww, that's very kind of you Lis, thanks!! It sounds like she had success.. since the friend she stuck with today kept 'laughing, and crying, and laughing, and crying' all day... lol.

  3. Oh Mel...I got all choked when you said "Remember what your name means..." That's beautiful. Thanks for the reminder to send our kids out with secret missions. When mine does go for her first day at school, I will remember this!

  4. thanks for being here 'twin mama' ;o) When is she going? It's a trip for the heart, indeed! Miss you guys, xx

  5. I just remembered my Lucas' first day at preschool, a mix of feelings, he was so happy. After two weeks he realized it's real, it's always. He cried, I cried too.
    It's ao hard to let them grow, but I rest in knowing that God is with him every second. God is good.


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