All things pink and purdy:

 The nest is filled with pink, tacky, girly-girl overboard vibes today.
A certain lil' princess is turning 5... five!!
The tom-boy in me is fighting a gag reflux at all this decor, but it makes her little heart happy, so that's good enough medicine for this mama.

 Annnnd, check out my first attempt at making a fun cake... ok, stop laughing!
We usually just opt for cupcakes each year, but this year it's cake.  I stared at a rectangle pan and wondered what to do (much like starting at a scrap of fabric envisioning a pattern to sew) when I realised I could just cut the bottom corners off and put them up top as kitty ears!
She also loves kittys.
Pink, kittys, princesses.
Need I say more?

 Another sweet moment: this morning she said "Baby Talia is my BEST gift ever!!  You know why?  Because she's SOOO cute!"  end quote.

Happy Birthday to our dear Azriel!
She's full of creativity, energy, spunk, imagination, sensitivity, faces, emotions, and sweetness!

Stay tuned for the surprise post in a day or two.
Sorry for the delay, we've been in a never-ending, gauntlet of sleepless nights, fevers and all around exhaustion here lately.... wheeeeee!

Mel ;o)


  1. happy birthday to her!!!! you did a great job mama. as always. xx

  2. thanks so much mama! Hope you guys are keeping well south of the border?! ;) xx mel


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