In print! The making of our book:

 So excited!!
Here's where my creative energies have been focused for the past while, friends.
I've been illustrating the story my husband wrote to propose to me with!

13 watercolour illustrations.
Adding the text he had written years ago.
Formatting the book and ordering from an online photo book company (Picaboo).

It arrived so quickly!
Finally, a late anniversary gift for my husband, and a delightful storybook to now read to the three bunnies in our nest.

Here's a couple sneak peeks:
That sweet man nervously read me this story almost 7 years ago, over a plate of sushi.
I didn't even clue in until the final paragraph that he was using the story of two bunnies who fell in love in the woods to propose to me.  It's a tear jerker!

So, next time you come over for tea, I'll read it to you.

*P.S: the illustration on the back cover is the exact depiction of our wedding cake too.

Now I've got the bug to want to team up with him and make children's books! 

Mel ;o)


  1. Love it! So personal and amazing! Will have to get myself over for tea one of these days so I can read it :)

  2. This is AMAZING! Such lovely, lovely work. I'm charmed.

  3. This is the sweetest! I want one :)

  4. THIS IS AWESOME!! I can't wait to see it.

  5. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to need kleenex - it really is a beautiful story and a beautiful book.

  6. Wow! That's amazing, I love the idea of reading your story to your little ones. Great job!
    PS. Go for writing children books!

  7. ahhhhh man!!! this is tooo adorable!!!
    And yes, please do team up with him on another adventure!!!
    You guys are too cute!!!

  8. Go for it! I toyed with the idea once of asking you to illustrate a book my daughter wrote but never did. Can't even remember what it was now.
    Dennis E.

  9. the illustrations are beautiful. What a great gift idea!

  10. Definitely do children's books! This is just so beautiful!

  11. you guys!! Thanks for all the enthusiasm and encouragement here... it's doubled my joy in having made it and shared it with you all! :o)

  12. Wow, Mel!!! This is so beautiful! I'm so impressed :)
    Sending you and your lovely family lots of love!

  13. Wow - that is amazing. Do it - write children's books!


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