confessions (of an artist/mama)...

I used to define myself as an artist.
Then I had kids.

So, 'Mama-stay-at-home-artist-on-the-side'... was a bit of a mouthful.
I soon found that both these passions were rather all-consuming feeling.  I felt torn between both worlds that I wanted to play in... all the while resenting the other voices calling for my attention.

Maybe you know this feeling?
Maybe you've discovered, as I have, that these kids are the masterpieces requiring my attention.
Canvas, colours and creating can wait.  These growing creations cannot.  I will not have my children look back on their lives and wish their mama was more present to play than practising her paint strokes.

But, for now, I take any creative outlet as a perkBecause I know I still need the outlet.  I feel my blood pressure drop when I create.  It's good for the kids to see mama still doing her passions too... but even better, alongside them!
That means, when the kids are painting... I love to sit and paint with them.
When the crayons are smudging, my fingers are in it too.

Then, during naps or bedtime.... I sneak a few more moments to paint.
How do you find your outlets for creativity?

Post Script:  My apologies for not having the COMICS here lately... a few projects of late are channelling all my extra time (eager to show in the future!).

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o) 


  1. I love your words about being present. I have to consciously push the distractions of life out of my head sometimes and make sure I am totally present with my kiddos. It's easy to get wrapped up in worries and miss out on precious moments that cannot be replaced. The pictures of you and your kiddos paintings are gorgeous;). She has your talent:).

  2. Thanks so much Beckie, too true - fighting to remain 'present' is such an important gift to give our kids. I should mention those paintings of mine are also 'works in progress'.. much like myself ;o). Take care!


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