children's books. Christmas. and the cross:

Hello friends,
I've mentioned in the past various books that I've found helpful to read for myself.
But, I thought today I would highlight some great reads for the kids!

We love thrifting, receiving, and buying books.
We have all sorts of fun ones crammed into the corners of our nest here.
(Anything illustrated by John Patience is an instant purchase for us).

Today's book list, however, is going to focus on those reads that most beautifully point the hearts to Christ.  Because, that's our deepest joy, and we want to share that with the kids.
*The book titles will link you directly to their order site on Amazon if you're interested*

The Jesus Storybook Bible - by Sally Lloyd-Jones. 
If you don't own these... I can't recommend them enough!  Every book she touches is gold.  She has a beautiful gift for conveying such profound truths in very simple and unique perspectives for a child to understand.  I did four years of biblical studies.. and I'm still floored by the things she can point out in the story of the Bible.  She also does you the favour of showing how every story in the Bible foreshadows (points to) Christ... wonderful!

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift - by Ann Voskamp.
We haven't read this.. yet.  Since we just ordered it hot off the press for this holiday season.
A scan of the pages has me eager to use it with the kids though.  It's a 25 day countdown to Christmas - using a daily ornament, story from Scripture and applications for how we can be a blessing to others.  I love that each story/ornament shows (once again) that every part of the Bible is pointing to the Christ-child.  The soon coming Saviour. I'm eager to use this book as a tool to encourage our hearts to savour the real meaning of this season.

Long Story Short - by Marty Machowski.
Doing family devotions after dinner is tricky.  Hands are sticky, hearts are distracted.  But, if ever there was a book to help succinctly point our spirit to the richness of God's Word, this book does it.  A great resource for families wanting to have a 'devotional' book that takes you through the Bible and asks questions of your kids (and mom and dad!).

Ok, that's the three big helpful resources of late.
As we enter this Christmas season.. just thought I would share this in case you wanted some fresh inspiration to stay cross-centered in your family.  I know that's not every reader here.  But for our family, in this season so prone to distraction, we want to stay at the cross of Christ.
In a time geared for commercialism.
 We want to tune our hearts to His voice.
In a culture eager to siren call our hearts to other shores.
We want to steer to deeper Living waters.

Don't pile us high with stuff. stuff. stuff.
Don't sell us the cheap lie that we can buy our joy.
Declutter and clear our mind.

Let us see Christ.
For is knowing Him we find the greatest gifts.
Mel ;o) 
P.S... You surely have two minutes to watch this powerful video about 'spending less, and giving more' at this time of year?


  1. Thank you Mel! I love book recommendations- I just got my copy of Unwrapping the Greatest Gift today- it looks great! I can't wait to start!

  2. oh fun!! I'm still slaving away over the ornaments.. lol! ;) mel.


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