(M.M.25) oh, baby?!

Welcome back to an (exciting) edition of Monday Mamalogues:
'linking up to share the beauty and breakdowns of motherhood'.

Isn't it amazing how one simple (extra) blue line can change your entire world?!

I wonder how many of us have looked at these pregnancy tests with a mixture of fear + hope, excitement + panic, heartbreak + joy... to see what answer will appear there.
Soooo.. remember a few weeks ago when I was all like 'wish I could blame my extra chubby feeling lately on being pregnant.. but I'm NOT!'... and how tired I've been lately, and how my iron must be low?
 Well the joke was on me... I was/am freakin' pregnant after all!!

I know, right?
Total craziness.
We really must have got into the crazy sauce here.. because that baker Ben snuck another bun in the oven.
I can't even begin to tell you how UNLIKELY this 'should' have been.
It's like being hit by lightning, three times in a row...
(Not that I'm comparing our kids to lightning, though they do have a way of lighting up our life!).

So yes, it was a real shock for us.
Especially since we were so convinced we were done at two.
In fact, when my family had recently asked us if we wanted more I had chuckled: "Pfffff, no, unless God has a sense of humour!"
Well, the heavens are laughing.. much like I was when I saw this test result (granted, mine was more of a maniacal nervous cackle).
Ben may still be rocking in a corner somewhere... I'm not too sure.

But don't get me wrong, this is not an accident .. I could never call a precious soul that.
This is a wild, happy, crazy surprise that's going to teach us afresh to depend on God for the grace to grow through each new moment!
 Granted, I may be looking a lil' green in the process.
You may recall that babies don't like me.. and try to destroy me from the inside out.
I keep trying to yell down at my tummy "SYMBIOTIC relationship, ok??!!  Not parasitic.. stop trying to wreck me here".  I still have the health card picture from my last pregnancy to show my zombie face with blood shot eyes!  Thankfully the little magic pill Diclectin has managed to keep me holding the food down each pregnancy.
Most days still feel like I've had one too many spins on the carnival tilt-a-whirl.
I also just want to sleep, all day, every day.
Not really an option of course.
But I must say that Ben is being an ACE husband around here!

Oh, did I mention I'm two months along?
I even got to hear the heartbeat already!.. and see the lil' bean with hands and feet waving at me (out of their armpits - picture this).
I am excited to have the same midwives back, they delivered both Azriel + Hudson!

 So here we are.
Two years between each child basically.
A full, wild house of blessing and breakdowns!

I probably won't be documenting this pregnancy with a walk down the produce aisle like I did with our 'womb-fruit' Hudson.  But I'll keep you updated along the way.

Now you know why I haven't had the energy to be extra creative lately...
I'm busy making a masterpiece

So, the secret is out!
(Although I did dream of just wearing this t-shirt around as an announcement).
Ha, now I want a unicorn.  But I'll settle for a healthy boy or girl.

In all seriousness though, our family would appreciate your prayers.
Heath for baby, energy for mama, real employment for daddy.
Yep, that would be awesome sauce.

Glowingly yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Nicky Rothmann29 July 2013 at 02:09

    Ohhhhh Happy Day!!!
    What wonderful news.
    I am so so so happy for you right now.
    Will be praying for you all.

  2. Congratulations to the 4 of you! I'm super excited for you.

  3. that is such exciting news!!! you were getting major baby fever and now there you go.... a brand new baby coming your way. so great to have the same midwives for all 3 kids. i had a midwife with Lily too. hope you feel good and that baby grows healthy. congratulations to you all!! xoxo

  4. congrats, Mel and Ben! Our surprise baby has brought us so much laughter and joy! Blessings to you.

  5. Congrats! A tie breaker. ;)

  6. My goodness, what a surprise. Congratulations to you and Ben. My thought are with you and baby and the rest of the fam. xo

  7. Awesome news, congratulations!!! I love your sprit and you're approach to the unexpected news. Email me your shipping address and I'll send you a gift of your choice from the Turnovers line!

    <3 Rhapsody

    BTW This is my favorite blog post so far, especially this quote: But don't get me wrong, this is not an accident .. I could never call a precious soul that.

    This is a wild, happy, crazy surprise that's going to teach us afresh to depend on God for the grace to grow through each new moment!

  8. Oh my word... this is such exciting wonderful news! Thrilled for you and Ben... promise there will still be time to throw crab apples at each other (once the dust settles of course). Our youngest and final (sniff) was our turn our world upside down surprise; after requiring IVF for our first three to then making a baby without a team of professionals for our fourth was an unbelievable surprise. One I am still so beyond grateful and awe of. Your surprise, this baby coming into your life is happening just as it should... wishing you a healthy and easier next 7 months followed by a beautiful delivery. So the most important question is... will you find out boy or girl??? Pink or blue?? Who is your latest masterpiece going to be? So so exciting!!!

  9. Congratulations on your new bundle/adventure :)

  10. So excited about this - but I'm sure I've got nothing on what you guys are feeling. I've missed keeping up with your blog... now there's one more good reason to keep tuned! Congratulations to the four of you, and an advance welcome to the unexpected guest :)

  11. hmm... we just might 'find out' again... to save hoarding more clothes again!! lol Thanks for the lovin' and sweet words D! xx

  12. aww, you're SO kind, thanks for the sweet gesture too! Will msg you ;o) xx

  13. THANKS so much for all your excitement and warm thoughts, friends! We're delighted to have this joy (unexpected surprise) to share with you! xx

  14. Congratulations, love. I'm so very happy for you guys. That Ben, I had no idea he was so sneaky :)
    Hey, sorry to hear about your pregnancy ailments. I've treated lots of women for morning sickness and the like over the years with homeopathy so if you ever want to give it try, just send me a message, okay?
    Lots of love to you and your growing family!


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