...and MORE Christmas crafting bits:

 Can you keep a secret??
Ok, a week left until Christmas - a week!  The last threads have been stitched (almost) and there's just a few more wee projects I hope to finish in time.  But, this labour of love for our daughter... the fabric mini playhouse I mentioned before... is done!  Happy dance.
I wasn't going to get too crazy detailed with embroidery work..  so a hot glue gun saved time with some features (like the button 'plate' wall above the couch).  Windows on each side reveal a peek-a-boo owl under the curtains.
I'm pretty smitten with the lace 'snow covered' rooftop, of course.
Now I just have a simple toy drum to make for our little guy.
A larger version of this one from before... made this time with one of those big metal coffee tins.
Oh, and I finally whipped off two more jumbo silk stockings to add to the mantle.
Having been almost out of the previous fabric with that tree motif ... I used this ivory silk and leftover scraps of the tree fabric for accent pockets (perfect size of a chocolate bar.. hint hint, husband!).  I also used a green damask fabric for the back since I had no more of the red.
I figure these two stockings will either be for the boys in the house - and we girls will have the original three.  But it may just be the parents that get the two new, and the kids have the three...
 ...either way, I have to sew the large bells back on to the toes of all the five stockings since our lil' guy was delighted to tear them off.

So there you have it.. a few more projects hot off the press from this nest.
Have you been creating much for this Christmas?  I'd love to hear!

Mel ;o)


  1. I loveeeeee it!....
    The only thing is that I only have boys, but if we have a girl -someday- can you make one for us??
    It's lovely, so cute
    Really ...i just love it!

  2. awww... haha, thanks so much Rocio (maybe I'll let Azriel share it with you.. !). You can keep me posted on when/if you have a girl some day. You can also find other examples (more professionally done of course) on Etsy and even a farmhouse fabric house in the baby section of Chapters gifts! ;o) Merry Christmas to your crew!

  3. Ooo, I love the fabric playhouse! You did a wonderful job. Did Azi love it?
    The stockings are really lovey as well.


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