Recent creations and distractions...

Hey there friends,

I just thought I'd show you a few more of the recent creation'ings I've been working on around here.  My creative side is definitely back in full swing with this festive season.. and we're making up for lost time it looks like.

The above 'Noel' deer was a painting I whipped up as a distraction while creating for last weekend's Craft show.  I do that a lot.
With the pressure to get one project done.. I invent other ones to be distracted with instead.
I just wanted something more festive for our walls, while all my art is up in local coffee shops.

Those hoops I painted/stitched were also in preparation for last weekend's show.  They were quite the hit... especially my fox/owl options.

Yes, the craft show went well for those who were wondering.  While I regretted not being able to attend the Saturday show, it was still a good day selling there Sunday - despite a quiet pace of customers.  Thanks to those who made it out!

IF any locals want to order some last minute items from my shop, just shoot me an e-mail and we can arrange delivery/pick-up!

Hope y'all are having a merry day out there!
mel ;o)

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  1. you have been busy! lucky you. when i was pregnant with Lily i had no inspiration to do any art. pretty pretty


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