winter, wonder, and waiting.

It is Sunday.
All things are still.
The world is in frozen wonder outside.
White and shimmering like a crisp blank page...
... waiting.

Warmth inside.
Christmas lights twinkling.
Fresh baked bread from the oven.
Gifts being wrapped in crisp colourful papers...

Now is the season of waiting.
The advent calendar is in it's last few days.
The preparations have been baked, wrapped, written...
...waiting to gift them to loved ones.

A baby kicks within the womb.
...waiting to enter the world in a fresh new year.

Likewise we wait,
in a season of blur and busyness,
chaos and consumerism.
We seek to carve out a sacred space.
A humble hollow into our hearts.
That the King of glory may be birthed there.

I hope the wonder and beauty of this season fills your homes and hearts with warmth.
From our family to yours,
a blessed and Merry Christmas to you!

Mel ;o)

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