A.musing.mama! 2.1

Is there any thing more unnerving - sanity sapping - heart breaking.. than a baby's cry.
Especially when it's your baby.
Annnnnnd they're just downright cranky, or inconsolable.
Despite your best efforts to soothe, suckle or strut like a flamingo... they just keep screaming.

Yeah, that.
I used to think myself a very mellow, patient, calm type of person... but when these kids let loose an ear-splitting shriek it's enough to knock over this 'house-of-cards' sanity I pretend to have.

So, while Tolkien's creepy ring-wraith's may have a truly disturbing screech... nothing can outdo how undone I get from our kid's cry.

Side-note: wow.. it's been a blur of a week here - since my last post was last week's comic.
The weekend is even more of a whirlwind (including my craft show.. woooo!).
When the dust settles I hope to reconnect with y'all next week!

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

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  1. Cute comic! Yep, kid's shrieking kinda gets under your skin like nothing else does.


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