D.I.Y : girl's haircut.

 Ok, mamas (and papas) out there... here's a funny little demonstration of how I cut our daughter's hair.

Since I'm always getting comments (in real life/on the blog) about how 'cute' Azriel's hairstyle is... I thought somebody out there would like to see how simply.quickly.crazily it's done!  Truth be told, I'm just a one-cut-wonder here, in that it's the exact same way I cut my own hair (post seen here).
Yes, we like our reverse mullet, thank you very much.
Disclaimer: I have no training.  This approach to hair-cutting is unprofessional to be sure.
Maybe it's the artist side of me... but I just keeping trimming until it 'looks right'.. and have been cutting my hair/friends/husband/daughter's hair for years!

Ready?  Here it is... in video first:

(Thanks to my other victim friend/mentor Deb for filming!)
The fact that I had just cut 'Aunt' Deb's hair inspired our daughter to quickly agree to getting her own trim.  Usually it helps to put a video on to keep them 'focused' though.

Here's the recap:

For the bangs:
I first do a 'straight cut' right across the forehead... curving down towards the ear.
Then I go back and do quick upward snips for a 'tapered' trim.

For the back:
I start at the high point (where the skull rounds at the back) and then cut in a swooping curve downward to the front.
I repeat this pattern on a few top layers along the sides too.
The scissors are always cutting downward if that makes sense (?).

Well, that's a different type of d.i.y for here... but now you know how I do the doo's I do.

Mama scissor-hands,
Mel ;o)


  1. Man oh man, you are woman of MANY talents. I didn't realize that you cut your own hair and Azriel's hair and your friends' hair and your husbands hair. I wish I was confident enough to give that a go. I desperately need a haircut, but I'm a wee-bit scared because last time I went they cut it WAY too short and now I'm totally committed to bringing my long hair back, so if that happened again I would be shattered. Wanna come to Jasper and be my hairdresser?

  2. wow! you are a brave mom!! you cut like i imagine you sketch?? if that makes any sense...kinda free and confidently:). it was fun to watch-- I love her sweet little cheeks:). good job, mama!! it looks so adorable<3.

  3. ha! That's a great imagination you have... um, I cut like YOU sketch... because really, I rarely sketch ~ just go straight to painting. (I used to sketch tons in highschool..but I think it wasn't confident like this 'cutting' approach). I have to just cut quickly - before she jumps away! lol
    We love her sweet cheeks too!! ;o)

  4. har-har.. you pay for the flight and I'll be there with my shears! ;o) Yah, I started cutting my own hair over 10 years ago... back when I realized that hair salons kept screwing up what I wanted.. and I could just hack it off myself. I guess that 'confidence' is just the recognition that it will GROW back no matter what I do (and I've screwed up many a time). It's just hair after all. ;o)


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