All the things...

Oh hey, right... I guess I do still have a blog don't I?

You kind souls will have to bear with me as I tend to go into hibernation mode while brewing a new baby.  More so, I drag my carcass to bed at a deliciously early hour most nights - which has erased that 'golden hour' of blogging from these parts.

My main pursuit lately.
 You know, trying to clock it in while I can again here...

Ok.  To be honest, another reason for my absence:

I've loved blogging, loved meeting you wonderful readers (many now friends), and loved being inspired to stay creative here.
But, it's a double-edged sword.

The danger is to make the blog your puppet stage... living/performing your life in order to then post it for others to view.  Slightly narcissistic no matter how much I try to label it as simply 'creative expression'.  I've been liberating our family lately.. by not taking the camera along on every adventure.  (Hence, I don't even have much to post pictorially here today).

Also, taking a step back from any thing in life gives a fresh perspective don't you think?

Sometimes you realise life doesn't even need to be so cluttered.

+ We've lived without T.V for years... and I don't miss it at all.
+ Movies are few and far between for us now... and again, it feels refreshing to be unplugged.

I don't really know how to explain it, but I feel freer to just live deeper here.
We're in a culture that promotes being so up-to-date on every.latest.fad and issue... and it just ends up making us spread thin.  Trying to click on every new thing.
All the things.
What's the point?


Not stopping to just breathe and know in your heart of hearts you were made for something deeper.
Deeper than what the latest fashion is.
Deeper than what the newest parenting approach is.
Deeper than who's the coolest blogger out there.
Deeper than who can crochet an afghan from recycled cat hair.
Deeper than the latest technology breakthrough to 'simplify' your life.
Deeper than how to be a better wife.

That's where I'm at friends,
I want to go deeper.

By God's grace I'm seeing afresh that ocean of beauty and truth waiting to be plunged into:

“It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”  C.S.Lewis.

This isn't the end here friends,

but it may just be a change up of how things look around here.

 I'm growing (in more ways than one), hope you are too.


Mel ;o) 



  1. I hear ya. I have been stepping back and back and back and then throwing myself forward into the blog again and then back. It's a weird beast we partake in. Sometimes I am just bursting with excitement to post and share and gain from others and other times I just want to pretend I never started Gypsy in Jasper.
    I hope you find your depth and I hope that little monster inside you appreciates the warm little nook you've created.

    Lots of love to you and your fam. xo

  2. mwah.mwah.mwah. and now i need to move to Canada. so i can live next door to a person who i think totally gets everything i am feeling right now.

    get the tiny pool and ice teas ready lady.
    love you so much!!!!!!


  3. I just gotta know, did someone really make an afgan out of recycled cat hair? I'm not sure it gets much deeper than that, dude! Lol! ♥

  4. I've been nodding my agreement through all you have to say. We were at a big extravagant wedding in Toronto on the weekend, and felt soooo much that we didn't really fit in... kind of made me sad. And then I thought 'well really, thank goodness!' We have a totally different lifestyle here - yeah, it's REAL!!! And has a depth that goes beyond all the glitter and pop culture...

  5. it is good to unplug. i hear you on the freeing the family of the camera. i have been doing the same. happy to hear you are all well and having a lovely summer. xo

  6. I often feel the "regret" of not having the picture of this moment...then remember the moment is more important than the picture of it. The moment is what is important to my kids. God has been whispering in my heart for simplicity...but now I feel like it's a roar. Praying for you and your little spud growing within. Rest easy. - Amy www.findingthefletchers.wordpress.com

  7. I completely agree about blogging. It feels like this 3rd or 4th or maybe even 5th job for me some weeks I just don't feel like doing it - other times I'm excited to share random little things. between my full time day job, my soap biz, roller derby and now being on a committee to start up a new farmers market..i dont know where i have the time for it...

    congrats again on the miniature human in your belly..take time for you..we'll be here when you show your face again


  8. Wow, that is A LOT you have going on there when you list it all like that... and I'm glad you're totally in your niche - hope the market treats you well! Thanks for the sweet words, xx

  9. True words indeed Amy, thanks for sharing your heart, and for popping by our nest here! Blessings to your sweet family there. xx

  10. Isn't it? So refreshing... I know I'll still be around these parts in.. parts. ;o) Hope that summer is being kinder to you guys now, hugs to you friend! xx

  11. Thank goodness indeed eh?! Feels like another world doesn't it? Not that I'm trying to be us vs. them or anything.. it just seems like in all the decadence or busyness people can get caught up in - we miss something 'richer' of the meaning in life. You have your finger right on that pulse out there... I dream of living it with you ;o) xx

  12. ...baha, LOVE it, love you - if this makes you a Canadian, than awesome!!! lol <3

  13. I hear you, and glad you know to take a break too... makes it more fun to come back to as well. You're a sweet heart Nicole, still love watching your adventures unfold there!! xx

  14. thanks mel - market is going really well, we just started a 2nd one during the week so Kevin is heading that one up (well i went last week because i was on vacation) but things are good - just so busy that at the end of the day i sometimes rarely want to get on the computer for blogging - i've been trying to pick one or two days and just read everyones posts from that past week and do everything at once =) xx

  15. Hi Mel. I love the idea of 'doing less'. The less you do the more freedom you have! In the old days when my kids were little I would photograph them now and again (these were the days before digital cameras), but constantly photographing every outing was exhausting. It always took away from the moment. Enjoy your peace and your family. They are so worth doing less for. Life can get complicated with sensitive parents and a house full of children. We need to tread softly and navigate through life so that everyone can breathe. It's a delicate dance of love and balance. Sounds like you are making a beautiful choice! Congratulations on your new path and your new little one!


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