shiny happy people.


 Thanks to my friend Kiki for this darling shot.  We recently had her join in on my mama's 60th birthday fun to photograph the family (more to come here I'm sure).

She sent me this shot early though, and... I LOVE it.

Because, it shows my main man, my love, my heart... and he's even smiling!
Now that's my happiness right there.

Have a beautiful weekend friends.

Mel ;o)


  1. Yes, I love this photo. That is YOU guys all over!

  2. You guys are the adorable-est :) Thanks for sharing & looking forward to more!

  3. Tooo much cuteness.

  4. you are both lovely. hope all is well and that you are feeling good. xo

  5. lovely. and also, wait, what? a surprise bun????
    (if I haden't been so sick and tired, maybe I would have been better at blogging and not have missed this???) anyway, heading to your archives to read all about it! congrats. that's amazing news!!!! (and expanding gut comparisons...how 'bout expanding behind. I think I'm carrying my baby backwards.)


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